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St. Augustin Scrip Fundraising Program












For a current list of all possible National Retailers available for order CLICK HERE

For a Scrip Order Form listing cards currently in stock for quick turn-around CLICK HERE

**Forms may be turned in at the school office with cash or a check made out to "St. Augustin Scrip".  They may also be sent to school with your child in an envelope marked ATTN: Scrip.  

Enroll and Order Scrip Online

St. Augustin families interested in purchasing Scrip online instead of with a form must first register at This will allow you access to your Scrip orders, profile and rebate information online. Contact Betsy Boesen for the St. Augustin School enrollment code. Be sure to indicate your preferred method for delivery (either sent home from school with one of your children or left in the school office for pickup).  Any questions or problems with enrollment, please contact Betsy Boesen, Scrip Coordinator - contact information below.  If you have purchased Scrip offline in the past using an order form, you already have an online profile - please contact Betsy for access to your online account.

Some cards are not kept in inventory, and must be ordered from our supplier, so get your weekly order in by Monday at 9:00 AM to guarentee delivery by Friday. SCRIP cards may be ordered at any time, however, and if the cards are in-stock, there is usually a 24-48 hour turnaround time.  

St. Augustin Scrip Coordinator Contact:
Betsy Boesen

A complete explanation of the Scrip program is found below:


St. Augustin Scrip Program FAQ

What is Scrip?
Scrip is a national fundraising program that helps nonprofit groups and schools earn money by selling gift cards for local and national businesses. These gift cards are issued by the retailer and look just like regular gift cards. In appreciation for your patronage, these businesses give St. Augustin School between 2% and 25% of the face value of the gift card.  All you need to do is purchase them at face value and use them for your daily purchases instead of cash or a credit card.

The profit from the Scrip cards and online ScripNow e-cards you purchase will be split 50/50 with your family. St. Augustin will calculate your total rebates earned for the Scrip Fiscal Year, June 1, 2016 - May 31, 2017 and then will cut you a check for 50%, which will be mailed to your home in mid- to late June. The remaining 50% goes to support the Tuition Assistance Fund and other programs at the school.

How does Scrip work?
St. Augustin purchases gift cards at a discount from the participating businesses, earning the difference when they sell it to families at face value. The difference between what the gift card is purchased for and the face value is pure profit.

How can I earn money for my family and the school using Scrip?
Here is an example of one Scrip order and the profit share split:

SCRIP Purchase Amount Discount Profit
1 Lands' End card $ 100 16% $16.00
1 HyVee card $ 100 3% $3.00
2 Kum ‘N Go $50 gas cards $ 100 5% $5.00
1 Starbucks $25 card $ 25 7% $1.75
1 Barnes & Noble $25 card $ 25 9% $2.25
2 Walgreen's $25 cards $ 50 6% $3.00
2 Smashburger $10 cards $ 20 10% $4.00
1 Menards card $ 100 3% $3.00
    Total profit $38.00








50% or $19.00 would go to your family from this one Scrip order.


How much can I earn?

That all depends on YOU! The more purchases you make using Scrip the more money you earn for yourself and the school. By simply planning ahead, you can earn money with your everyday purchases, without spending anything extra. (You do not pay any more than the face value for your gift cards.) Just plan ahead for the purchases you would make anyway: groceries, gas, school uniforms, gifts, a dinner out. Remember Scrip when you are traveling and when doing any home improvement projects. 

Your family's portion of the profits are calculated once a year in the summer. Your purchases and rebates earned will be accumulated from June 1st, 2016 to May 31st, 2017. To keep bookkeeping reasonable, if your total school year rebates earned is less than $20, the funds will be donated back to the program.

Where does the other 50% go?
After deducting the Scrip administrative expenses, the remaining profit goes to the St. Augustin tuition assistance fund and to support other school projects.  For example, this past year the Scrip Program contributed $50 per student to the school to help keep your tuition increase low.  This benefited every St. Augustin student regardless of family participation in the Scrip Program.  In another example from this year (FY 2016) Scrip contributed $2,000 to pay for the Middle School STEM Program.

How do I get started?
Just fill out the online Scrip enrollment form with your contact info and how you would like your Scrip orders delivered and start shopping! Orders received by 9:00 AM Monday are available for office pick-up by Friday afternoon (at the latest) or will be sent home with your student if you have requested this form of delivery.  Remember, if you have ever ordered Scrip in the past you already have an online account and must contact Betsy Boesen for access.

Where else can I buy SCRIP?
Scrip forms are available here and also in the school office.  Please note the profit %’s are subject to change. We try to keep the order form as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes the retailer will change the profit % after our order form has been printed.  Again, the easiest way to order is online at 

What methods of payment are available?

Cash, check and PrestoPay (an automatic debit from a pre-approved bank account.)  Sign up for PrestoPay at  Checks should be made out to "St. Augustin Scrip"

Can my family and friends purchase Scrip and credit my account?
Yes. They could fill out an online enrollment form and designate your family to be credited. Spread the word so their everyday purchases help you!

Do Scrip cards expire?
Scrip is like cash; however, a very small number of gift cards have time limitations. You may go to, select retailers, and display terms of use for a particular retailer. Restrictions are listed on the gift card.

Are there more Scrip retailers than listed on the order form?
Yes.  Here is a link to all of the retailers available through Great Lakes Scrip Center (, the company that administers our website and supplies national retailer cards.  You are able to order from any of the listed merchants if you order online.  The cards will be ordered as a part of the weekly inventory order on Monday.

Who can I contact with questions?

You may direct your questions to the Scrip Coordinator:
Betsy Boesen
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