2018 St. Augustin National Geographic Bee

January 10, 2018

St. Augustin Geography Bee

Geography Bee Winners

Congratulations to our overall school winner, Ellen McDonough!

Each year St. Augustin is one of thousands of schools to participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society.  Fourth through eighth grade students participate in trivia elimination rounds in their classrooms to establish grade level winners.  These winners move on to test their geographic knowledge in the fourth through eighth grade school competition to become the overall St. Augustin student winner.  This year's winner is eighth grader, Ellen McDonough! 



The overall school winner has a chance at qualifying for the Iowa State Geography Bee by submitting a State Bee Qualifying Test.  The field is narrowed to only 100 students from across the state that will compete in the Iowa State Geography Bee in the spring.

 A very special thank you to Middle School Social Studies teacher, Mr. Grimm for coordinating the fun event for our students!

Grade Level Winners 

4th Grade

Eve Etcheto

Andrew Honkamp

*(Maryann Gambero)

5th Grade

Nora Turner - 2017 St. Augustin Winner

Eli Wees

*(Cate Sullivan)


6th Grade

Danny Pierick

Audrey Stone

*(Logan Bettis)

7th Grade

Anna Eide

Gina Piazza

*(Sally Gaskell)

8th Grade

Ellen McDonough

Lauren Wenham

*(Andrew Pease)


Does your student want to brush up on their geography knowledge for next year's bee?
  Find helpful resources and games in the National Geographic Study Corner.