Students Help Select New School Lunch Items

September 10, 2019

AEA Purchasing Food Fair

Over the summer, two students from St Augustin had the opportunity to attend the AEA Purchasing Food Fair at the Airport Holiday Inn. The Fair is designed to showcase available meal options for school food program employees. 7th graders Gregory Pease and Eli Wees attended the fair along with Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Flanagan and Ms. Heun. Mrs. Moore asked the students to sample various items and record their preferences. She will use this information to plan future menus at St. Augustin. Gregory and Eli share their thoughts about the experience below: 

Gregory Pease:

Mrs. Moore took us to go see if there were any other lunch options that would be good for the St. Augustin School lunch menu. We tried many different kinds of foods and desserts. There was so much food everywhere, it was overwhelming. There were breakfast dishes like breakfast pizza, pancakes, and sausages. There were normal lunch dishes like pizzas, calzones, and mac and cheese. There were sides like potato salad, onion rings, and French fries. They had excellent mac and cheese that was way better than the one St. Augustin had, and veggie egg rolls that are some of the best you can get at a school. They had pizza that was triangular and was better than what we already had. This year I’m actually excited for hot lunch.

Eli Wees:

I had the opportunity to go to a convention where all the school lunch directors go to find new food for the school menu. It was interesting to try all of the new foods offered by our school’s food provider. For example, there were 3 different companies that had mac and cheese, but only one I thought was good. There were tons of different foods to try, from cookies to eggrolls. Most of it was good, but some were better than others. 

It was very cool to see all the options Mrs. Moore has to give us. The coolest part was seeing where all this food comes from. It wasn’t just food either, they also had gloves, and cleaners for the kitchens to use.  

It wasn’t just a food tasting either, it was sort of a behind the scenes experience. One of the things I liked was the new type of pizza, you might see that in the menu this year.