Winter Conferences

February 4, 2020

St. Augustin Catholic School

Winter Parent-Teacher Conferences 2020

St. Augustin sets aside THREE days twice per year for parent-teacher conferences.  There is ample time within that structured time to meet with the teachers.  If you choose not to attend conferences on the pre-scheduled dates, the teacher will send home your child’s grade and work portfolio.  Individual make-up conferences will not be rescheduled.  Please keep the following in mind:

Winter Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held Monday and Tuesday, February 17th and 18th from 3:00pm-6:30pm and Thursday, February 20th from 9am-noon.  The conference scheduling website, School Bookings, will be open Thursday, February 6th beginning at 6:00 pm and will close Thursday, February 13th at noon.  

Please use a computer to schedule, as phone screens make it difficult to view all of the available times.  Include your name and email address when scheduling to receive a confirmation and reminders about your conferences.

Additional information:

  • You MUST factor in TRAVEL TIME.  Do not schedule back to back slots or everything will get jammed up.  The teachers have been instructed to strictly adhere to the time requirements.  If you are late because you scheduled your conferences too closely together, you may miss your opportunity to conference.  Our recommendation, especially in middle school, is to schedule a slot and leave five minutes in between. (Example:  10:00 – 10:05, Mrs. Nank, 10:10-10:15, Mrs. Lone, etc.)
  • Parents who are not registered for conferences in the time frame above will be given slots on Thursday morning.  Monday and Tuesday slots will be filled by those registering online.

Conferences for

  • Ali Coppola (Guidance Counselor) are on Monday and Tuesday only.  
  • Julie Crawford (Art) is available on Monday only.  
  • Marcia Priestley (Discovery) is available Monday only.  
  • Christina Lovern (Spanish) is available Monday only.  
  • Therese Drey (MS Religion) is available Monday only.  
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENTS: If you have a 6th grade student - block out 10 consecutive minutes for Kylie Caligiuri instead of 5 minutes.  If you have an 8th grade student, you block out 10 consecutive minutes for Megan Lone.  Both of those teachers have your child for TWO classes.  If your child has a middle school teacher for only ONE subject, sign up for only one block of five minutes.  Your middle school student MUST attend conferences with you.  The teacher WILL NOT conference with you unless your child is present.


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