Middle School Cross Country

July 30, 2020


The 2020-21 MS Cross Country season is on as planned, and we are excited to get started!

My name is Kathy Schweizer, and I am the Dowling Middle School Cross Country coach.  The Middle School Cross Country (7th/8th grades) season is on as planned, and we are excited to get started.  We would like to start a camp on August 10, if everything plays out as planned right now.  More details to follow as we get closer.  Once school starts, we will meet at Dowling at 4:00 by the softball field.  Practices will be from 4 to 5:15. The meet schedule will be announced at a later date.
Please let me know if you have any questions and if you would like more details about the camp.  Have a great summer!

Kathy Schweizer

Ironworks Athletics/Personal Fitness Trainer
Dowling MS Cross Country Coach

Q & A with Coach Kathy Schweizer

Cross Country is a great sport that everyone can participate in. Here are some questions and answers about our cross country program.

1. Who can participate?

7th and 8th grade boys and girls.  We have one boys team and one girls team that combines all the parochial school athletes.

2. How can I see if I like Cross Country? 

We plan to host a fun Cross Country Camp a couple of weeks before school starts, beginning August 10th. This camp is optional.  We will be running 2-3 miles, talking about nutrition and injury prevention and having fun. The purpose of the camp is to do some preseason running and to learn about the sport.

3. When/where are regular season practices? 

Official practices start when school begins and end in the middle of October.  Practices are Monday thru Friday from 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm at Dowling. We will meet near the softball fields.

4.  What are the meets like? 

The meet schedule will be announced at a later date.  In previous years, the meets have started in September and ended in mid-October. Most meets were on Tuesday or Thursday night at 4:15pm and were done by 5:30pm.  We compete with Urbandale, Johnston, Valley, Waukee and other schools in the area.  The cross country meets are 2 miles on grass and include two races of 7/8th grade girls and 7/8 grade boys. We have a lot fun and everyone gets to compete in the meets.

5. How to register for Cross Country?

Please email Kathy Schweizer if your child is interested. Include child's name, school, grade, and email.

We are looking forward to a fun season!