D.A.R.E. Graduation

April 25, 2019

St. Augustin D.A.R.E Program

Congratulations Fifth Grade

The fifth grade class celebrated the completion of the D.A.R.E curriculum enhancement program with a graduation ceremony this week.  The D.A.R.E program envisions a world in which students everywhere are empowered to respect others and choose to lead lives free from violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and other dangerous behaviors.  Captain Mike McTaggart from the Des Moines Police Department has been in the classroom each week teaching new lessons on resisting peer pressure, the dangers and effects of substance abuse, and decision making to help students live a safe and healthy life.  He congratulated the students on their new knowledge and enthusiasm for the program.



What I learned from D.A.R.E essay winners: Addi Alessio, Sloane Rypma, and Andrew Honkamp

Best in class skit actor and actress: Bella Hermsen and Carter Coppola

D.A.R.E program enthusiasm award: Jackson Fleming

Thank you to Captain McTaggart for all that you do for our community!  Thank you to the Home & School Association for providing the funding for this curriculum enhancement program, to the parents who were able to attend our graduation ceremony, and to Ms. Waller for her continued support of our students. 

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