Growing Healthy Habits with Mrs. Moore

November 12, 2018

St. Augustin Nutrition Cafe

From Seed to Harvest: Growing Healthy Habits with Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore has been busy in the St. Augustin Nutrition Cafe school cafeteria!  Not only does she manage a successful food and nutrition program, but Mrs. Moore educates our students about making healthy choices and learning about different foods.  Did you know that Mrs. Moore's efforts over the years earned St. Augustin the Gold Award in the HealthierUS School Challenge for Smarter Lunchrooms?  The program recognizes schools that have created a healthier school environment through promotion of nutrition and physical activity. 

Recently, Mrs. Moore invited the kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms to participate in growing gardens onsite in the school cafeteria.  The classrooms visited Mrs. Moore to learn about different vegetables and how they help our bodies grow.  Students were eager to answer questions about what vegetables grow above or below the dirt.  After their lesson each class planted a different vegetable garden.  Kindergarten is growing organic carrots, first grade is growing organic lettuce, and second grade is growing organic kale!  Mrs. Moore explained the importance of good soil, water, and access to sunlight for the students' plants to grow.  She will be using grow lights to simulate time in the sun. When the plants are ready to be harvested, the students will get to taste the vegetables they have grown.  You can follow along with the progress of the garden project by viewing the photo gallery below!

Watch Our Gardens Grow 

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