Growing Healthy Habits with Mrs. Moore : Harvest & Taste Testing

March 4, 2019

Healthy Habits with Mrs. Moore

Harvest and Taste Testing with Mrs. Moore

Children often need repeated exposure to new foods to build acceptance and interest. The school cafeteria is a great place to expose children to new foods that they may not have had a chance to try at home.  In November, St. Augustin Food Service Director Pam Moore introduced the "Growing Healthy Habits with Mrs. Moore" garden project for the kindergarten, first, and second-grade students with the goal of introducing students to healthy vegetables with a promised harvest and taste test. 

Each class planted an indoor garden box from seeds.  Kindergarten planted carrots, first grade planted lettuce, and the second gade planted kale.  Students monitored their garden boxes week-by-week anxiously awaiting harvest day.  Mrs. Moore involved the students in every step of the process and was delighted with the positive responses from students on taste testing day!


Kindergarten students helped pull carrots from their garden, washed off the soil, and enjoyed their carrots raw.  "It's sweet!" and "It is the most carrot tasting carrot I have ever tasted!" were responses from the group.

First graders tried their lettuce leaves plain and dipped in a homemade Italian vinaigrette.  Mrs. Moore explained the benefits of eating a variety of leafy greens and lettuce varieties that are more nutrient-rich than others.  Students watched Mrs. Moore's cooking demonstration on a quick vinaigrette that even they can make at home with the assistance of a parent. 

Second-grade taste-tested their hearty kale raw and as roasted kale chips and compared the differences in taste.  "Raw kale is bitter!" and "The kale chips are delicious!" rang throughout the students.  Many students even asked for more kale chips and if Mrs. Moore would put the item on the upcoming lunch menu.

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