Class of 2020 Spotlights

May 5, 2020

St. Augustin Class of 2020

A Class With Vision

We are celebrating our graduating class of 2020! Each day we'll spotlight the students that make up our current 8th grade class. They are an impressive group of young people, and we are so proud of their accomplishments.  See what each student has to say about their future ahead. 

Andrew's vision for the future: I want to have a good academic background, have an athletic scholarship to a division one college, graduate from college, learn more than 3 languages, go cliff diving, and travel the world.

Reese's vision for the future: I want to figure out math homework, get straight As, get my drivers license, to graduate college, to write a book, to paint a work of art, to speak another language fluently, to travel to Greece and Rome, to live in a big city like New York or Chicago, and make life-long friends.

John's vision for the future: I want to play basketball in high school, make the soccer team for Dowling, get a good paying job in high school, become an Eagle scout, and start a family.
Charlie's vision for the future: I want to play varsity football, play junior hockey and D1 college hockey, go to Minnesota University, graduate college, join the military, and turn professional in any sport.

Chloe's vision for the future: I want to learn a different language, get Tic Tok famous, graduate college, travel the world, and become a Special Education teacher.

Izzy's Vision for the future: I want to get my license, convince my dad to let me get a hamster, go on the ride The Monster at Adventureland, graduate high school, go to ISU for college, go skydiving, be able to speak a different language, go to Greece in the future, own more than one dog at one time, get a job and be able to support myself and be independent.

Lilly's vision for the future: I want to get good grades, graduate college, travel to all US states, have a successful career, get married and have a family, travel to Germany, and be a good person throughout my whole life.

Addy's vision for the future: I want to get good grades, get my drivers license, get into a good college, travel to Australia, and make friends that last a lifetime.

Danny's vision for the future: I want to to go to Dowling, go to college, wrestle a bear, go skydiving, go to Ireland, go cliff diving in Europe, walk on the moon, visit Russia, visit Germany, and be an orthodontist when I'm older. 

Henry's vision for the future: I want to graduate high school with good grades, get into a college with a scholarship, go to on a vacation to the Caribbean, and be successful in my career. 

Hudson's vision for the future: I want to meet Joe Exotic, make Dowling varsity in any sport, go to a Division 1 school, be able to dunk a basketball, and go to Thailand's capital. 

Annie's vision for the future: I want to swim in all four oceans, graduate high school with all As, be successful in a sport in college, live by the water, attend the olympics, focus more on gratitude, and not go in student debt.

Maggie's vision for the future: I want to get straight As, .get my drivers licence, make lots of lifelong friends in high school and college, get into Washington and Lee college, donate blood and do other volunteer work or charity work, become more confident in myself, become a better public speaker, travel to Greece, speak fluently in another language, and become financially independent.

Hannah's vision for the future: I want to make silver cord and national honors society in high school, get a scholarship to a good college, be independent, do a gap year for mission trips or foreign exchange programs, make the world a better place and work for the issues I care about, branch out and meet new people, have a family and cat of my own, have a good job (either in the medical or political field) that I love, be a vegetarian and have an electric car, and live in the Northwest U.S.

Ryann's vision for the future: I want to travel to Greece before I graduate high school, graduate college and go into sports medicine, work and make a good amount of money, get married and buy a house, and have a family.

Sasha's vision for the future: I want to graduate college, drive a white Range Rover, travel to Europe, get Tik Tok famous, chug a whole gallon of chocolate milk, and plant a tree.

Abby's vision for the future: I want to get my drivers license, graduate high school, graduate college, get my degree in teaching, become a kindergarten teacher at St. Augustin.
Mags' vision for the future: I want to obtain a psychology degree, Graduate from University of Iowa, become a certified nurse, travel, and live happy!

Allie's vision for the future: I want to graduate high school with straight As, I hope to study abroad, I want to graduate college, I would like to travel Europe, and I want to become a doctor.

May's vision for the future: I want to learn how to do a headstand, try all of the percentages of chocolate, graduate from a good college, go to Cambodia and Thailand, sail around the world on a sailboat, and live on the east coast.

Paul's vision for the future: I want to get all A's and B's in high school, get my driver's license, graduate college, speak another language, go to Los Angeles, get famous, get rich, and live in New York City.

Henry's vision for the future: I want to learn a different language, get into a good college with a full scholarship, travel to Dubai, meet the Pope, live in Assisi, Italy, and buy a Ferrari.
Audrey's vision for the future: I want to learn to speak a foreign language, be able to say I survived the coronavirus, make the varsity basketball team, get good grades in high school, visit every state in the US, graduate from college, get my drivers license, live in Colorado, and adopt a dog (ADOPT DON'T SHOP).

Jackey's vision for the future: I want to become an astronaut, travel to South Korea, have a big house, pass the Nest Test, have a pet cat and dog, survive COVID-19, and be able to speak another language.
Maggy's vision for the future:  I want to learn more languages, go to college at Stanford, be a doctor, go to South America, see the Queen’s palace in the UK, and travel around the world.
Morgan's vision for the future: I want to get my driver's license, get my high school diploma, go on a mission trip, get a college degree in Criminal Justice, go backpacking through Europe, adopt a puppy, try an exotic fruit, and live on an island.
Luke's vision for the future: I want to graduate Dowling, go to an Iowa college, travel to Europe, get a job in finance, go skydiving, and live in Texas.
Cate's vision for the future: I want to move to New York City, travel around the world, be a doctor, and get famous


Joshua’s vision for the future: I want to graduate from a good university, to be a dentist, travel to the France, keep healthy forever, have a happy family, and to enjoy my life.



Max's vision for the future: I want to follow my family's footsteps and go to Iowa State University and become an industrial engineer, start up a YouTube for a job, go skydiving, meet and live with celebrities, buy a Ferrari. make some music, meet the president, travel across Europe, and make people happy and change lives.



Elizabeth's vision for the future: I would like to go to every state before I'm 18, to become a doctor, lawyer or forensic anthropologist; to go skydiving; to learn how to play the ukulele; to visit every continent (except Antarctica); and to have 13 cats and dogs!
Logan's vision for the future: I want to graduate from any college, own a dog, buy a house, travel to exotic places, live on a mountain, play professional baseball, play video games as a hobby, not become a boring person, and retire wealthy.

Elizabeth's vision for the future: I want to get better at art, make more friends, get another puppy, I'd like to live in Japan, and become a full-time artist!


Alier's Vision for the future: I want to learn multiple languages, learn both 2D and 3D animation, create my own video game, be able to read and play guitar music, be a great basketball player in high school, learn how to wire and build electronics, and go to either Full Sail University or MIT.