Thank you, St. Augustin!

May 30, 2018

St. Augustin Catholic School

A Note from Mrs. Hogan

Thank you, St. Augustin family, for all your thoughtful retirement messages.  My heart is full.  I leave behind twenty-eight years of memories.  I was forty-years old when I came to 4320 Grand Ave. I had years of teaching under my belt, but St. Augustin changed my life. 

I saw all three of my sons graduate from St. Augustin and Dowling Catholic.  I found a best ‘forever” friend, I worked with the most dedicated faculty and staff in the Diocese, and I taught the best kids in the whole wide world.   

I am grateful for every minute. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to teach.   


Pat Hogan

Happy Retirement, Mrs. Hogan!

May 25, 2018 

After 46 years of teaching in four Diocesan schools (St. Theresa, St. Patrick in Perry, St. Pius X and 28 years at St. Augustin), Pat Hogan will retire her red checking pen for good. Mrs. Hogan has been a special teacher for a generation of students. She has been a no-nonsense teacher who challenged her students and in the process, taught them the joy of writing and learning.

Pat Hogan’s finest qualities are her love for teaching, her sensitivity for those who needed help; her sense of humor; excellent teaching capabilities and her commitment to passing on the highest standards to her students.

She was always able to multitask, managing 28-plus disinterested adolescents while explaining once more the rule about pronouns and antecedents to the five students who really cared.

She found humor in situations such as when a student pops his lunch bag in the cafeteria to make her jump or the ability to be clairvoyant, seeing beyond the restlessness or feigned boredom.

Pat Hogan has done the impossible for 46 years-getting girls to stop talking and boys to stop looking out the window when it is time to pay serious attention.

Now, when Pat Hogan says to her husband, “honey, I’m home”, it will be forever. Thank you, Mrs. Hogan for a great “ride”! You will be missed.