Welcome Mrs. Watters

September 19, 2019

Rachelle Watters

Say Hello to Our New Administrative Assistant, Rachelle Watters! 

We're welcoming a new face to a familiar place.  St. Augustin Catholic School is pleased to introduce you to our new school office administrative assistant Rachelle Watters, who is friendly, focused, and most importantly, a real administrative hero!  Mrs. Watters will be the voice you hear on the other end of the phone when you call the school office. You’ll enjoy meeting and working with her as she settles in to her new position.  We recently had a chat with Mrs. Watters to learn more about her and the experience she has had in Des Moines Area Catholic Schools.  Here’s a look at our conversation:

How many years have you been involved in Catholic Schools? 

Both of my children have attended Catholic Schools from Pre School to 12th grade, and I've worked in Catholic Schools for 10 years spending 8 years at Sacred Heart and 2 at Dowling Catholic. 

What positions have you held? 

At Sacred Heart I as the Office Manager, and at Dowling Catholic was the Fundraising Coordinator. 

Where did you grow up? 

 I've lived in Des Moines my entire life mostly on the south side with the majority of our family.

What is your educational background?  

I attended the University of Iowa and DMACC where I graduated with an Associate of Science degree as a Legal Assistant.  I also attended high school at Des Moines Lincoln.

What do you enjoy most about working around Catholic Schools and students?  

I love that our Catholic School system is one big community with a network of ties that includes our alumni, families and students - once a Maroon always a Maroon! 

Tell us a bit about your family/pets:

I'm married to my husband Thad of 23 years who is an alumni of St. Anthony's and Dowling Catholic.  We have 2 children who both attended Sacred Heart and Dowling Catholic.  Dylan is a Junior and Zach is a freshmen - both at the University of Iowa.  They are both studying Business.  We also have a red lab named Rosco who loves to run and go for walks.   

What do you enjoy doing outside of school?  

We are recently empty nesters so we're getting use to our new "normal". We love to go to Hawkeye football games, travel, long walks and spending time with our family and friends.

Share a story about a situation you experienced while working in Catholic schools:

I am happy to say that I've had only a positive experience while working in Catholic schools.  I volunteered a lot at Sacred Heart while my children were there and I was always so impressed with the manners and kindness that catholic school children have which is a direct result of what they're being taught at home.  Rarely did I ever interact with a student that didn't say thank you!