Instruments - Renting, Buying, and Refurbishing

I am happy to  answer any questions when it comes to instruments.  I used work at Rieman Music.

Rental Instruments

Renting an instrument from Rieman Music and getting the repair and maintenance is in my opinion, a great option! 
We rented a "good condition"  clarinet for my daughter ($625 purchase price if I wanted to pay for it up front) ...we paid the $25/month fee that included repair and maintenance. This is get free repairs and cleaning and a free loaner when it's in the shop.  After 2 yrs, we now own it...1.5% Interest.  We could have paid it off at any time for an even more reduced price.  The instruments Rieman Music has in their rental pool are amazing.  You can even purchase used instruments from them or rent brand new ones (monthly price will be higher for brand new).
Buying New Instruments Online
Please do not but any new instrument without learning about quality brands of band instruements.  You may email me anytime to check a brand or cost.  I have seen the prettiest (horribly functioning) instruments coming from the internet.  If it's a Yamaha, it's awesome, other brands -- please check with me or Riemans.

Refurbishing Instruments 

If you own a used Instrument please bring it into Rieman Music now and have it looked over.  This also applies to used instruments bought on Craigslist, eBay or Facebook buy and sell.  If an instrument has not been played for years, it needs to be seen (especially woodwinds...pads get brittle and do not seal).
The 2 quality instrument repair companies in Des Moines I recommend: Rieman Music and Uptempo.
If they see an off brand instrument, they will refuse to fix it because it will NEVER function correctly, your child will not have a good sound, they will get frustrated and want to quit. 
Get your beginning band book: Essential Elements 2000
Best lesson book in my opinion and it has a few of the songs we will play at concerts in it.