Welcome to St. Augustin Catholic School Discovery

Meet Mrs. Youngs

I am the Talented and Gifted -- or Discovery -- teacher at St. Augustin Catholic School. I also work as a teacher's aid in the first-grade room and substitute teach when I'm needed. I grew up on a farm in Halbur, Iowa, and attended Midland University in Fremont, Neb.

What I enjoy most about teaching:  I like helping children achieve their best work. I like that teaching is never boring, and it gives me an outlet to be creative and share my enthusiasm. I love listening to children’s ideas and seeing the way their minds work and watching them grow year after year. Plus, the staff members at St. Augustin Catholic School is wonderful. I enjoy working with them!

About my family: My husband Steve works as a Knights of Columbus insurance agent in the Des Moines area.  Our son, Bradley and his wife Sarah live in Maine with their son, Marshall.  Our daughter Kaitlin graduated from Iowa State University with an Events Management degree.  She is currently living in Des Moines.  We have two dogs: Ginger (15 yrs.) and Maggie (12 yrs.).

What I enjoy doing outside of school: I like to take road trips, especially to Maine. My favorite outdoor hobbies are: biking, walking, and working in the yard.  When I am relaxing indoors I enjoy reading, coloring, painting, and baking.

A funny story about teaching: I was beginning my school day as usual when the PE teacher came into my room and announced that my dog was in school (I lived within walking distance from school). Sure enough, when I went into the hallway, there stood Ginger, our dog. She was sitting there with children petting and cuddling her.  She had escaped her outdoor kennel to follow me to school.  That evening we did some work on her kennel.  It did not prove successful, because Ginger entered school two more times after the first incident.  The students thought it was great and wanted her to be our classroom pet. Ginger would have loved that!