Library Month 

Dear St. Augustin families,

     Along with the many things going on this month, Easter, Coronavirus, kids and parents at home together, distance learning, working from home, etc.  It’s also National Library month!

     St. Augustin Catholic School is blessed with a beautiful library!  We are also blessed with students who love to come to the library to check-out books and families who value the gift of books and reading!  Let’s have some fun with books from home!  We are inviting families to take part in a couple activities:

Bookface involves strategically lining up your face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part so that there appears a melding of life and art.

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Make a book spine poem.  You start by moving books around into stacks with the spines together so that the titles are like the lines of a poem. You keep moving the book titles around into different stacks until you find the “lines” that go best together to make a poem.


Show us your Bookface and Book Spine Poem