Scrip Fundraising Program

Scrip is a national fundraising program that helps nonprofit groups and schools like St. Augustin School earn money by selling gift cards for local and national businesses. These gift cards are issued by the retailer and look just like regular gift cards. In appreciation for your patronage, these businesses give St. Augustin School between 2% and 25% of the face value of the gift card.  All you need to do is purchase them at face value and use them for your daily purchases instead of cash or a credit card.

Why use Scrip?

Using the Scrip program keeps tuition low at the school, and earns you a cash rebate at the end of each school year. The more you use Scrip, the larger rebate you'll receive -- and the more money you'll generate for St. Augustin School, just by making purchases on gift cards through Scrip. The profit from your Scrip purchases is split 50/50 with your family. St. Augustin calculates your total rebates earned for the Scrip Fiscal Year, which runs June 1-May 31, and issues you a check for 50% of your rebate total, which will be mailed to your home in mid- to late June. The remaining 50% goes to support the Tuition Assistance Fund and other programs at the school.

Enroll and Order Scrip Online

The St. Augustin Scrip program is online only, with physical cards offered about one month before Christmas and again in the month of May to accommodate your gift-giving needs. Families are encouraged to purchase Scrip online, and you can do this easily after registering at Please contact Amanda Fletcher for the St. Augustin enrollment code. This will allow you access to your ScripNow orders, profile, and rebate information online.

Step-by-step instructions for getting your Scrip account set up are available, as well as detailed instructions for setting up a Presto Pay account (similar to Pay Pal) so you can use the MyScripWallet app on your mobile device for quick and easy Scrip shopping.

The MyScripWallet mobile phone app makes purchasing and using ScripNow easy and quick. It does require you to have a Presto Pay account established, but then you can download -- in minutes -- the amount of ScripNow you need to complete your purchase. The phone app also keeps track of your balance (if any) with each retailer from which you have purchased Scrip.

How can I earn money for my family and the school using ScripNow?

Here is an example of one ScripNow order and the profit share split:

 ScripNow Purchase Amount Rebate Profit
1 Lands' End $100 ScripNow card $100 16%  $16.00
1 Gap $100 ScripNow card $100 14% $14.00
 2  Whole Foods $50 cards $100 3% $3.00
 1 Starbucks $25 ScripNow card $25 7% $1.75
 1 Barnes and Noble $25 ScripNow card $25 9% $2.25
2 Walgreens $25 ScripNow cards $50  6% $3.00
 2  Chipotle $10 cards $20 10% $2.00
Total:  $420.00     $42.00


In this Scrip example, 50% of $35 in rebates go to your family, or $17.50. The other $17.50 goes to St. Augustin School to help keep tuition costs down. 

How much can I earn?

That all depends on YOU! The more purchases you make using Scrip, the more money you earn for yourself and the school. By simply planning ahead, you can earn money with your everyday purchases, without spending anything extra. (You do not pay any more than the face value for your gift cards.) Just plan ahead for the purchases you would make anyway: school uniforms, gifts, airline tickets, hotels, or just a dinner out. Remember Scrip when you are traveling and when doing any home improvement projects. 

Your family's portion of the profits are calculated once a year in the summer. Your purchases and rebates earned will be accumulated from June 1 to May 31 the following year. To keep bookkeeping reasonable, if your total school year rebates earned is less than $20, the funds will be donated back to the program.

Where does the other 50% go?

After deducting the Scrip administrative expenses, the remaining profit goes to the St. Augustin tuition assistance fund and to support other school projects. For example, this past year the Scrip Program contributed $50 per student to the school to help keep your tuition increase low.  This benefited every St. Augustin student regardless of family participation in the Scrip Program.  In 2016, Scrip contributed $2,000 to pay for the Middle School STEM Program.

How do I get started?

Follow these easy instructions to get your online account up and running. It just takes a few minutes. To make it easier, consider signing up for PrestoPay, which deducts your Scrip purchases directly from your checking or savings account, similar to an ACH. Downloading the MyScripWallet app makes it even easier to manage your Scrip purchases, because it’s all stored on your phone!

What methods of payment are available?

Cash, check, and PrestoPay (an automatic debit from a pre-approved bank account.)  Sign up for PrestoPay at Checks should be made out to "St. Augustin Scrip."

Can my family and friends purchase Scrip and credit my account?

Yes. Friends or relatives must fill out an online enrollment form and designate your family to be credited. Spread the word so their everyday purchases help you!

Do Scrip cards expire?

Scrip is like cash; however, a very small number of gift cards have time limitations. You may go to, select retailers, and display terms of use for a particular retailer. Restrictions are listed on the gift card.

Who can I contact with questions?

You may direct your questions to the Scrip Coordinator, Amanda Fletcher.