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Welcome Parents & Students

St. Augustin Catholic School is excited to introduce and implement our virtual classroom to continue academic instruction through distance learning opportunities. We appreciate your patience and flexibility throughout this process. At any time, please do not hesitate to email Ms. K ( with questions or comments.

Supply Drop-off/Student Belonging Pickup

Please click here for information about school supply drop off and student belonging pick up on Tuesday, May 26 and Wednesday, May 27. The times are organized by student last name. 

A - L

Tuesday, May 26

10am - 12pm

Wednesday, May 27

1pm - 3pm

M - Z 

Tuesday, May 26 

1pm - 3pm

Wednesday, May 27

10am - 12pm

Distance Learning Update

Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times. It is an absolute understatement to say we appreciate all that you are doing to ensure the success of our distance learning plan.

With stakeholder feedback, we will be modifying the class schedule for kindergarten through eighth grade students. Specials activities will continue to be distributed in an email to student accounts on Sunday evenings.

The goal in the modified class schedule is to offer some flexibility to school activities. We want to emphasize the importance of maintaining our health (the entire school community) – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Teachers will continue to send daily lesson plans. All Google Meet sessions with direct teaching will be recorded and distributed to students who were not present in the meeting.

Click Here to expand a brief description of what each day will include

Monday (any work assigned Monday will be due Tuesday or Wednesday - depending on subject)

  • Teachers will provide an overview for the week in each subject (math, social studies, religion, reading, language arts, science). This may include sight word lists, review problems, spelling words, a diagnostic assessment, a project description/rubric, or a short introductory activity. 
  • Students may/may not have Google Meet sessions with their teachers on Mondays.

Tuesday (any work assigned on Tuesday will be due Thursday)

  • Math, Social Studies, Religion
  • Teachers will be in contact about Google Meet Session times.

Wednesday (any work assigned on Wednesday will be due Friday)

  • Reading, Language Arts, Science
  • Teachers will be in contact about Google Meet Session times.

Thursday (any work assigned on Thursday will be due on Monday)

  • Math, Social Studies, Religion
  • Teachers will be in contact about Google Meet Session times.

Friday (any work assigned on Friday will be due on Monday)

  • Reading, Language Arts, Science
  • Teachers will be in contact about Google Meet Session times.

Parents of students in third – eighth grade, if you/your child would like eliminate the number of emails you’re receiving through Google Classroom, please watch this video to change your notification settings. 

Preschool and optional kindergarten teachers will continue to send structured daily activities. A weekly check-in is the minimum requirement for your children.

Please click here to read the April 17, 2020, letter from the Diocese of Des Moines Superintendent of Schools, Ms. Donna Bishop, regarding the extension of our closure through the end of the school year. 

On Tuesday, April 14, St. Augustin Catholic School will modified our Distance Learning Plan and Expectations (outlined below) to include “Required Educational Opportunities”. High quality teaching and instructional activities will continue. In addition, we will now be taking attendance in Google Meet sessions and requiring participation and completion of work. If your child/children have not been participating in all of their distance learning opportunities since March 25, that work will be forgiven. The teachers and Ms. K will be following up with any student who is not regularly participating beginning Tuesday, April 14th.

Specials Activities Update

In an effort to shift specials activities to “Required Educational Opportunities”, we will be sending a Google Form link to accompany the specials activities. Once your student completes all of the activities, he/she should submit the form.

Middle School Weekly Guidance Google Meet

Please encourage your middle school students to check their emails. Mrs. Ali Coppola, St. Augustin Catholic School Guidance Counselor, has organized Guidance Google Meet Sessions for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students as a time to connect and socialize. 

Distance Learning Plan  

established 3/12/20 

Each student has been assigned a St. Augustin Catholic School email account to access all G Suite Google programs. Teachers will be communicating with parents and students about distance learning expectations and requirements solely through this email address.

In addition to regular Gmail communication, St. Augustin Catholic School will be utilizing other G Suite programs (Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Google Meet) to continue academic instruction. We understand that distance learning for some grades may look significantly different than others; we are offering our teachers some flexibility in how they choose to build their classes and instruct students.

Virtual Classroom Learning Plan

Google Meet is a video conferencing app that can be accessed through a web browser or through an app downloaded to a personal device. The login information for all Google Meet (and all G Suite programs) will be the student’s assigned St. Augustin Catholic School Gmail and his/her password. 

Because Google Meet is a new technology for all of St. Augustin Catholic School students, we ask that you, another adult, or an older sibling please sit with the student for the initial meeting to ensure all audio and video is functioning properly. 

Teachers utilizing Google Meet, will create a weekly schedule within Google Calendar and invite each student to their appropriate classes. When your student accesses Google Meet, they will see any scheduled classes for that day. When the class is about to begin, students will be able to click on the class and join the event.

Here is an example of where the classes will appear:

Google Meet Example

Virtual Classroom Learning Expectations

While we anticipate some issues and inconveniences, we are confident that we can provide high quality educational experiences for students through distance learning opportunities and our virtual classroom. We are approaching this situation as a way to build our educational capabilities - similar to how many universities are teaching online courses in higher education.

St. Augustin Catholic School has always relied on our parents to play a prominent, active role in their child's education. We ask that parents continue to monitor student success. We want to emphasize that this distance learning process is a partnership. Success of this distance learning plan relies heavily on student responsibility and accountability. We appreciate your help in making this a meaningful, manageable, and memorable experience for your child/children.


Just like a typical school day, attendance will be taken during scheduled Google Meet sessions. Each Google Meet session will be recorded and available for student access at a later time should your child/children be unavailable during the scheduled time. If you know that your student will be absent, please email the teacher before the session begins.


Distance learning requires increased parent involvement and enhanced student responsibility and accountability. During Google Meet sessions, we expect our students to be prepared and engaged. Students will have the ability to communicate with their classmates and teacher and ask questions. Please ensure that your child has access to a quiet space, free from distractions, during these scheduled times.

Homework and Assessments

Homework and assessments will be assigned and administered to your students through distance learning. Instructional methods, submission of homework, and administering of tests will be handled by each teacher.

Daily homework assignments for all grades will be posted here. Homework will be updated by 4:00pm Monday - Friday.

Teacher Office Hours

A list of distance learning teacher office hours can be found here.

Access to Technology Devices / Check-Out Procedure

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, St. Augustin Catholic School administered a survey to all families – confirming internet access and technology devices for each student in your household. Technology devices include a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Chromebook. 

For families who do not have technology devices for each student, we will be reaching out to you individually about the check-out process.  If you answered the survey stating that you do not need technology devices but now do, please email Ms. K ( as soon as possible. 

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by submitting the form below. These submissions are sent directly to Ms. K, St. Augustin Catholic School Principal.