St. Augustin Awarded Differentiated Math Centers STEM Scale-Up Program

July 1, 2020

St. Augustin Receives STEM Scale-Up Program Award: Diff

Differentiated Math Centers STEM Scale-Up Program Award 

The South Central Iowa Regional STEM Advisory Board of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council has awarded St. Augustin Catholic School with the Differentiated Math Centers STEM Scale-Up Program Award This program award will strengthen mathematics education using hands-on activities that help Kindergarten through fifth grade students deepen their understanding of key math concepts. With three levels of instruction for each learning objective, these standards-based centers enable teachers to address a wide range of student needs. 

St. Augustin will be provided with Differentiated Math Centers grade-level specific manipulative kits for Kindergarten through fifth grades and professional development training for teachers by the program provider, Hand2mind.  We are thankful to the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council for this award and look forward to using these materials with our students and advancing our STEM learning opportunities.

Differentiated Math Centers Kit

What is differentiated instruction?

Differentiated instruction is a comprehensive and flexible process that includes the planning, preparation and delivery of instruction to address the diversity of students’ learning levels and needs in the classroom.  Through differentiation, teachers take into account who they teach, what they teach, where they teach, and how they teach.  Students may be working towards grade level understanding, on target at grade level understanding, or above grade level understanding.  

Looking for STEM Activities to do at home?

Stay engaged in STEM learning with lessons and activities designed to do at home by visiting the STEM Teachable Moment page curated by the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council STEM network.