Faith-Based Curriculum

 St. Augustin Catholic School uses the Iowa Core as adopted by the Iowa State Board of Education. This set of standards exists for English-Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics for grades K-12. The Iowa Core follows many of the mandates set by the state for our schools; however, as an accredited non-public school, we are uniquely positioned to successfully integrate and exceed the Iowa Core Curriculum. Learning the Catholic faith and respecting each other is reinforced every day.

“Catholic school teachers enhance the curriculum and materials so students experience their Catholic identity in all subjects, helping students experience their faith 24/7, not just in Religion class or at Mass,” said Denise E. Mulcahy, Director of Teaching and Learning for the Diocese of Des Moines. “By doing this, our students learn to make decisions that are guided by their faith and knowledge.”

For more information on the standards and benchmarks set by the Des Moines Diocese, visit their website.