St. Augustin Catholic School Uniform Policy

The student dress code for St. Augustin Catholic School is detailed below and in the school handbook. Students must wear khaki or navy pants (shorts and skirts when appropriate), and the navy blue, red, or white polo shirts must bear the St. Augustin School logo.  Students in middle school may also wear pink or royal blue polo shirts. In addition, ALL visible items, with the exceptions of belts and shoes/tennis shoes, must be an approved uniform colors. Black socks are also approved. 

Ordering Uniforms from Lands' End

Shirts, sweaters, fleeces, and anything else approved to wear at school and containing the St. Augustin Catholic School logo can be ordered online from Lands' End. Look up "St. Augustin School" or use our preferred school number: 900031717 in the Lands' End School section to see approved options for St. Augustin Catholic school students.

Ordering Uniform Shirts Locally

We have partnered with a local supplier for our basic school polos (offered in navy, red, and white). You are still welcome to purchase items from Lands End; however, we wanted to give parents an option that will have quicker turnaround times. 

Please click here to access the website to order navy, red, and white polo shirts.

If you have already purchased polos that need to be embroidered, Hayley ( does this service for $5/shirt, as well. 

Uniform Assistance

We welcome all interested parents and students to St. Augustin Catholic School. If needed, monies are available to help defray the cost of the specific uniform requirements. Please call the school principal at (515) 279-5947, and they will be happy to assist you. 

Blue and Gold Days

Blue and Gold days are generally scheduled on the last Friday of each month. Students may wear jeans at a St. Augustin Catholic School spirit-wear T-shirt, sweatshirt or uniform shirt when they bring $1 to donate to a chosen charity. 

Out-of-Uniform Days

On occasion, the principal may designate a "jean day" or "out-of-uniform" day when students can wear jeans and an appropriate shirt without paying the $1 donation. All clothing must be appropriate for a Catholic school setting. Students may go out of uniform on their birthday or a day near their birthday. Students with summer birthdays may make arrangements with their teacher to designate a day to use their birthday pass.

  • Baggy or torn clothing, tank tops, short shorts, short skirts, sweat/wind pants are not allowed.

Mass Attire

When Mass is held at the St. Augustin Church, students must wear pants, skirts or a jumper. Students may not use out-of-uniform or birthday passes when Mass is held at the Church.

Dress Code Basics


Boots can be worn to and from school, but must be changed out of/in at the locker. Boots are not allowed to be worn during the day school day with the exception of snow boots at recess.  

School Attire Shirts

School shirts are red, white, or navy blue with the school logo. Grades 6-8 are allowed to wear pink or royal blue logo shirts in addition to the other colors. Shirts must always be tucked in.

Sweatshirt or Sweater

All sweatshirts, sweaters, or fleece must have an embroidered school logo. Logo sweaters (white, navy blue, or red) or logo fleece 1⁄2-zip, full-zip or vest (navy blue or red) may be purchased through Lands’ End.


Students must wear navy blue or khaki. These can be purchased at a store of your choice but must not have cargo pockets, painter pockets, or rivets. Skinny pants/tight pants of any kind are not allowed. Leggings with a uniform skirt, skort, or dress are permitted in all grades, but must be a uniform color and worn with socks. Leggings by themselves cannot be worn as uniform pants. Students must wear a belt if the pants have belt loops.

Shorts and Capri Pants 

Shorts and capri pants may only be worn in August, September, May, and June. They must be khaki or navy blue. No cargo pocket shorts or tight fitting shorts are allowed and should be no shorter than one inch above the knee.

Skirts and Jumpers

Skirts may be worn in navy-blue, khaki, or uniform plaid. They should be no shorter than one inch above the knee. Jumpers can be worn in the school plaid and are available at Lands' End or at Carpenters' Uniform.

Carpenters Uniform a Galls LLC Company
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