St. Augustin School Tuition and Fees

Four-Year-Old Preschool

St. Augustin Catholic School offers both a morning and afternoon session of four-year-old preschool, which meets Monday-Friday each week.
The morning session meets from 8:20-11 a.m.
The afternoon session meets from 12:15-3 p.m.
Tuition is FREE as we are part of the Des Moines Public School universal preschool program funded by the State of Iowa. 

Optional Kindergarten

An Optional Kindergarten program is available for young students who need additional time before beginning a full-day kindergarten session. Our Optional Kindergarten meets Monday-Friday afternoons from 12:30-3 p.m. There is a $125 registration fee and the cost for Optional Kindergarten is $235/month for nine months.

Kindergarten through 8th Grade - Parishioners

The following 2018-2019 tuition rates are for participating, tithing parishioners of St. Augustin Parish.
One student $ 3,820
Two students $ 7,290
Three students $10,485
Four+ students $12,880

Kindergarten through 8th Grade - Non-Parishioners

The 2018-2019 tuition rate for those who are nonparticipating, non-tithing members of St. Augustin Parish is $7,035 per student per year.

Iowa 529 Tuition Payment Plan Information 

Additional Fees 

In addition to the annual tuition costs, there are some additional fees for students.

Kindergarten through 5th grade: $334 Textbooks, technology, art, and Spanish fees
6th grade: $354 Textbooks, technology, art, Spanish and Science fees
7th-8th grades: $614 Textbooks, technology, art, Spanish, Science, and Art Center fees

Tuition Assistance and Scrip Fundraising Programs

The Catholic Tuition Organization (CTO) is a charitable organization that receives voluntary cash contributions from Iowa taxpayers and then allocates those funds in the form of tuition assistance to eligible families that attend accredited nonpublic schools represented by the School Tuition Organization. The income guidelines for the coming year are available here. 

To learn more about eligibility and how to apply, visit the Catholic Tuition Organization website.

Another way St. Augustin works to keep tuition low is through the Scrip program. Scrip is a national fundraising program that helps nonprofit groups and schools like St. Augustin School earn money by selling gift cards for local and national businesses. These gift cards are issued by the retailer and look just like regular gift cards. In appreciation for your patronage, these businesses give St. Augustin School between 2% and 25% of the face value of the gift card.  All you need to do is purchase them at face value and use them for your daily purchases instead of cash or a credit card. For more information about Scrip and learn how to set up an account by visiting the Scrip page on this site.