Support St. Augustin Catholic School

When you give to St. Augustin, your generosity towards Catholic school donations can help our students and faculty. With your financial support, our students benefit from courses, educational opportunities and activities that are focused on faith. Donate to St. Augustin to help our students become Christ-centered leaders.

Our school accepts traditional donations as well as online donations. If you’d like write a check to give to St. Augustin, we welcome checks made out to St. Augustin Catholic School. Any donation checks must be sent to the school office.

The Royal Founders

Since the establishment of this group in 1989, The Royal Founders has raised more than $1 million for special projects and programs for St. Augustin students, as well as capital expenditures for the school that is not covered by tuition or by the parish’s operating budget. The Royal Founders make a commitment to make a $1,500 donation annually, and we accept these donations in the form of a check payable to St. Augustin School that must be mailed to the school office. As a thank you, St. Augustin holds an appreciation dinner each spring for its members. In recent years, our Royal Founders’ catholic school donations have paid for new technology and equipment upgrades, a STEM classroom, a 3D printer, a sprinkler system for the school and more! 

Join the 2023 Royal Founders Club and Impact Tomorrow Today.  

Give to St. Augustin Online

You can now donate to St. Augustin Catholic School online! The online giving process is safe and your personal information in a Catholic school donation is secure. As you plan your annual donations, please consider giving to St. Augustin Catholic School.

Maximize your gift when you donate to Des Moines catholic schools with a matching gift from your company. Matching gifts are often provided from a participating company based on your contribution when you donate to St. Augustin. Company matching forms for catholic school donations can usually be obtained from the Human Resources department of most companies. Check with your Human Resources office to find out what kind of gifts they can match.


Home & School Association

The St. Augustin Catholic Home & School Association supports the students and faculty by planning and raising money for student enrichment programs, service projects, community building events, classroom support, fundraising and family support. If you choose to give to St. Augustin Home & School Association, your donation is separate from the school budget and is overseen by the association's  Finance Committee. The Home & School Association accepts traditional donations as well as online donations. If you’d like write a check, we welcome checks made out to St. Augustin Home & School.  The Home & School Association is open to all parents, guardians and people responsible for students at St. Augustin Catholic School.



Select St. Augustin Church and School as your AmazonSmile Charitable Organization, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases back to St. Augustin Church and School!