Meet Ms. Waller

I have been teaching for nine years -- two at Christ the King in Des Moines teaching middle school language arts and eight at St. Augustin. I grew up in Algona, Iowa, and attended Iowa State University where I received my degree in Elementary Education. 

What I enjoy most about teaching:  I'm thrilled to be teaching 4th grade this year! I've been enjoying getting to know each one of my students. It always touches me when students recall what we've learned together. I love hearing the excitement in my students voices when they have learned something new!

Outside of school, I enjoy: I love to spend time with my four children: Claire, Jack, Isaac, and Noah. Much of our time is spent together at sporting events or watching my daughter perform.  We travel a lot and spend quite a bit of time during the summers at our family's home on Crosslake, MN.

 Finishing up Trimester One:  We've already learned so much this year!!  In Reading, we've discussed story structure, compare/contrast texts, cause & effect, and elements of a play.  In Language Arts, we know about the 4 types of sentences,  all types of nouns & verbs, and  understanding the difference between sentences and fragments.  In Writing, we are learning to write quality paragraphs and beginning our personal narratives.  In Religion,  we've studied and categorized the 7 sacraments, 10 Commandments, and now we are studying the new and old testaments in the bible.  In Science, we've tested over the scientific method and experimented with it, learned all about plant and animal cells, & animal adaptations.  In Social Studies, we've learned a lot about North America. We've studied the land, different types of maps, how our government began (3 branches), and the regions.  Finally, so far in Math, we've learned about working with whole numbers and comparing up to 100,00, estimation, factors, multiples, and now we are learning how to multiply and divide by 1 and 2-digit numbers.