Welcome to Art

Welcome to the St. Augustin Catholic School Art news page. I am excited to meet my new students for the 2019-20 school year. Please check out the "About Mrs. Crawford" page to get to know me better. Check back to this website throughout the year for news and updates about what is happening in art at St. Augustin Catholic School.

Art News

We started the year with projects for the Original Works fundraiser for Home and School.  Kindergarten students learned about shape and line while cutting and gluing pieces of a collage.  The First Grade were introduced to the art work of Pop Artist, Jim Dine.  They learned about shape symmetry, warm and cool colors in painting a heart in the manner of Jim Dine.  The Second Grade learned about symmetry in shape and pattern as they drew, designed a pattern and colored a butterfly.  Third graders did a mixed media project using snowmen as their subject. They learned about drawing objects to make them appear three-dimensional, as well as colored pencil and watercolor techniques.  Fourth Graders were introduced to perspective.  They used their monogram initials to draw three-dimensional letters. The Fifth Graders used their hand as a subject in a cut-paper collage.  They used the Elements of Art and Principles of Design in their color and shape selection.  The Sixth Grade drew a picture of their house or a building that had meaning to them.  They learned how to find the proportion of the building and how to draw architectural details and textures.