What are we Learning About? 

Language Arts

This week we are focusing on breaking apart compound and multi-syllable words.  The kindergartners learned about the letter k and the letter p. This week we are focusing on the main idea.  We have many fun activities planned to help us identify the main idea and supporting details in stories.  We also were introduced to informational texts.


The kindergartners continue to work using COPS:  Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation, Spelling. We try and use this acronym to help us go through our daily writing objectives.  This week we are writing about what we will do when we get bigger.


This week we finished our chapter on numbers greater than, less than, and equal to.  We are beginning our chapter on numbers through twenty.

Social Studies

The kindergartners began a unit on elections this week.  We began with a cookie campaign.  the kindergartners were able to try four different cookies in the primary election.  The top two cookies will continue on to our election next week.  We will also discuss the job and responsibilities of the president.


In religion we are focusing on how God made us wonderful.  We have read some books and the children wrote about how they are wonderful.

Specials Schedule

Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE, Library

Wednesday: Music, Guidance

Thursday: Mass, PE, Spanish

Friday: Religion, Art