What are we Learning About? 

Language Arts

This week we are focusing on breaking apart compound and multi-syllable words.  The kindergartners have a great letter sound knowledge and we are continuing to try and break apart those bigger words.  We have focused on the vowels and consonants, which is helping us when we need to break apart those multi-syllable words.  This week we are focusing on the main idea.  We have many fun activities planned to help us identify the main idea and supporting details in stories.

Red Words

  • I
  • am
  • the
  • like
  • is
  • and
  • we
  • see
  • a
  • to
  • come
  • me
  • with
  • my
  • you
  • what
  • are
  • now
  • of
  • so
  • how
  • where
  • is
  • many
  • this
  • came
  • on
  • but
  • find
  • from
  • into
  • your
  • be
  • that
  • who
  • will
  • here
  • soon
  • for
  • they
  • up
  • go
  • give
  • play
  • them
  • new
  • say
  • make
  • said
  • good
  • then
  • was
  • ate
  • could
  • some
  • her
  • over
  • when
  • all
  • she
  • he
  • away
  • there
  • must
  • no
  • by


The kindergartners continue to work using COPS:  Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation, Spelling. We try and use this acronym to help us go through our daily writing objectives.  This week we are focusing on adding detail to our writing.  After reading Cookie's Week the students looked at how the author added details to tell more.  The kindergartners are writing about what they do during the week and are adding extra information.


This week we continue to work on composing and decomposing numbers.  We are using the strategies of counting on and a tens frame to help compose and decompose those numbers through ten.


The kindergartners are wrapping up their unit on seasons.  We will take a short little quiz on seasons before moving on to weather.  We will investigate different types of weather and identify patterns.


In religion we are focusing on Holy Week.  Our stories and crafts will revolve around this special week.  We will be sequencing the Easter story.  We had been talking about the importance of forgiving and understanding why it is so important to forgive.

Specials Schedule

Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Spanish, Music

Thursday: Mass, PE, Guidance

Friday: Library, Technology/Art