What are we Learning About? 

Language Arts

This week we will be focusing on story elements.  We will look at the characters of a story, the setting, and the problem and solution.  You can reinforce these skills at home while you are reading with your child.

Letter Sounds

The letters we worked on last week are o and a.  Please continue to work on these sounds.  The vowels can be tricky and continued practice is important.  This week we will focus on the d and hard g sounds

Red Words

  • the


The kindergartners will continue to work on correct letter spacing as well as beginning to sound out words.  We will begin to write about things that we can do.


This week we will continue to counting and writing numbers 0-9.  We will also begin to compare the numbers and find the number that is greater and the lesser number.

Social Studies and Science

This week we will be focusing on apples.  We are looking forward to investigating the life cycle of apples, the parts of apples, and doing some STEM projects.


This week in religion we will begin to look at the Bible and some stories from the Bible.  The first story we will look at is Jonah and the Whale.