What are we Learning About? 

Language Arts

This week we will be focusing on comparing and contrasting stories.  We will also look at a new comprehension strategy--questioning.  Questions help a reader clarify ideas and deepen their understanding and enriches the reading experience.  Some language to use with questioning is "I wonder...", "Why?", "How come..."  You can reinforce these skills at home while you are reading with your child.

Letter Sounds

This week we were introduced to two new letters-b & r.  We have learned the following letters: a, c, d, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, o, p, t, ch, & u.  We continue to work on correct letter formation, letter identification, letter sounds, and blending these letters together to read new words.

Red Words

  • with
  • my


The kindergartners continue to work on correct letter spacing as well as uppercase letters at the beginning of the sentence and punctuation at the end of the sentence.  We will begin to write about places we like to go.


This week we will continue to look at numbers.  We are looking at numbers 20-49.  We will practice counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.  As we continue to work on numbers greater than 20 we will look at place value; focusing on the tens place and ones place.  Please send in an empty paper towel roll with your child's name over the next few weeks.

Social Studies and Science

This week we will be focusing on the first Thanksgiving.  We will be reading about the Pilgrims, Native Americans, comparing Thanksgiving from now and then, and looking at some of my photos from Plimoth Plantation from my time in Boston.  


In religion we are looking at thanking.  We will discuss ways we say thank you and when we should say thank you.  We will be doing lots of crafts as we think of all of the things in our life that we are thankful for!