St. Augustin Home and School Association 

The Home and School Association supports the students and faculty by planning and raising funds for student enrichment programs, service projects, community building events, classroom support, fundraising, and family support. Similar to a parent/teacher organization, Home and School offers all St. Augustin Catholic School families many opportunities to get involved with the school through fundraising, event planning, and volunteering.

Hey, Barbie Auction & Cocktail Party Website


Executive Officers


AJ Kelley & Kristin Eaton

Co-Vice Presidents



Nikki Onstot


Stephanie Haas

Assistant Treasurer



Finance Committee

K-1-2: Nikki Onstot

3-4-5: Kristin Schooley

6-7-8: Emily Kistner

Executive Officers

Listed Above

Past Co-Presidents

Stephanie Haas

Becky Eaton


Mrs. Spike, Principal

Guest Attendee

General Meetings Schedule

General Home and School meeting information will be sent via school wide email prior to the meeting dates scheduled below. Meetings will be held from 8:30 am to 10:00 am in the School Library. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

General Home and School Meeting Dates for 2023 - 2024

Friday, September 15
Friday, October 20
Friday, November 17
Friday, December 15
Friday, January 19
Friday, February 23*
Friday, March 22*
Friday, April 19
Friday, May 10
Homeroom Parents

AM Pre-K

Beth Pudenz

Lindsey Rypma


PM Pre-K




Claire Ridenour




Fall 2023

Elizabeth Medina, Karen Hibo, Lydia Ahrold

Spring 2024

Nick Renkoski, Beth Pudenz

1st Grade

Alex Haeberle, Tonya Wonio, Libby Patton


2nd Grade 

Amy Cownie, Sarah Reichardt


3rd Grade

Becky Eaton, Stephany Spellman


4th Grade

Elizabeth Medina, Tonya Wonio

5th Grade 

Zinka Grubel, Jessie Davis


6th Grade

Sybil Schoenberg



7th Grade

Amy Cownie, Molly Topf


8th Grade 

Leighton Richards, Amanda Fletcher, Michele Ogle-Riccelli


Special Committee Coordinators
2022-2023 Committee Coordinators + Volunteers

2023 Hey, Barbie!  Fall Fundraiser Co-Chairs: Amy Nebons,  John Stender-Custer & Natalie Frierott

Homeroom Parent Coordinator

Anne Spellman

Hospitality Coordinator

Mrs. Spike

Lunchroom Volunteer Coordinator

Kristen Jensen 

Mentor Family Program

Mrs. Spike

Original Works of Art

Stephanie Haas


Santa's Closet 

AJ Kelley

Kristin Schooley



Scholastic Book Fairs

Mrs. Drey



Service Outreach

Mrs. Sgori



Spirit Committee

Mrs. Spike & Molly Topf                         

Spirit Wear Coordinators

Liz Garvey & Alex Manatt


Talking Canvas

Lindsey Rypma

Ty Cowman



Used Uniform Sale 

Brooke Kerr & Proctor Family


St. Joseph Shelter Meals

Elizabeth Medina


The Home and School Mission

  • Support overall education by coordinating activities between the home and school.
  • Make ongoing growth and development possible with funds raised, which are separate from the school budget.
  • Aid the faculty and school through the following: student enrichment programs, community building, service projects, classroom support, fundraising, and family support.