Welcome to St. Augustin Catholic School P.E.

Meet Mr. Larimer

nullI teach Physical Education for all grades (Pre-K through 8th). I grew up in Johnston, Iowa, and attended Emmaus Bible College and Iowa State University.

What I enjoy most about teaching: I enjoy seeing my students achieve a goal or learn a skill they have been working on. The excitement they have when that “lightbulb” flicks on is what I enjoy most about teaching!

About my family: My family still lives in the Des Moines area. My parents live in the same house I grew up in near Johnston. My older sister and her husband live in Ankeny with my nephew, and my younger sister is a student at Drake University. We get together often and love to be outside and play all types of games!

 What I enjoy doing outside of school: I stay really active outside of school. I help out on several farms throughout the year and play as many sports as I can during my free time. I really enjoy spending time with my nephew as well.

A funny story about teaching: When I was student teaching during my last semester at Iowa State, part of the program was to spend time observing in a real P.E. class. During my very first week, the main teacher who I observed, got really sick and missed three days of school. This left me as the main P.E. teacher for the rest of the week! It was definitely stressful at the time but something that I can look back on and laugh about now. It was great experience for how sometimes a teacher’s plans fall through and you have to be able to think quickly on the fly.