Middle School Social Studies 

Week of March 9-13

Week of March 23-27

6th Grade

Latin America Unit

Chapter 8: Brazil

Lesson 1- Physical Geography of Brazil; waterways/rivers, Amazon Basin, landforms, climate, natural resources important to Brazil's economy and trade

Lesson 2- History of Brazil; European colonization, African slave trade, impact on the indigenous peoples of Brazil, spread of Christianity

Lesson 3- Life and Cultures in Brazil; Brazil's multi-ethnic society, social and economic concerns, ways of life for the people of Brazil, income disparities, favelas


7th Grade

Ancient Greece Unit

TLC Presents: The Conquerors- Alexander the Great documentary via YouTube.com

Kids Discover Magazine: ANCIENT GREECE

Ancient Greece Test Study Guide; class Kahoots for review


8th Grade 

The Founding Brothers History Channel documentary, with question sheet

The History Channel Presents- AMERICA: The Story of Us (Westward)



Junior Scholastic Current Events Magazine

Student code: juniorscholastic1920


Child Soldiers of Sparta

Alexander the Great

Lesson 26 Questions

Lesson 27 Questions

Lesson 29 Questions

Lesson 30 Questions

Lesson 29 homework

Lesson 30 homework

Lesson 31 homework

Ancient Greece Notes

Ancient Greece Study Guide

Ancient Greece Unit: Bonus Content from Mr. Grimm