Middle School Social Studies 

Week of November 11-15

6th Grade

United States Government

Three Branches of American government, functions of each branch, government checks and balances; Legislative?, ExecutiveJudicial; the federal system of American government, America's constitutional republic

The History Channel Presents- AMERICA: The Story of Us (Cities)


7th Grade

World Geography Unit: ASIA

Nations of Asia, landforms, rivers, major bodies of water, major cities of Asia

Asia Focus Nations Project (groups): Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam

Asia Political Map Quiz

Asia Physical/Bodies of Water Map Quiz


8th Grade 

Module 4: The American Revolution

Lesson 1- Conflict in the Colonies

Lesson 2- The Revolution Begins

Lesson 3- Declaring Independence

Lesson 4- The Struggle for Liberty

Lesson 5- Independence

Veteran's Day Tribute Unit; National Geographic Presents- Arlington: Field of Honor documentary; Veteran's Day content viewed/discussed several days during class 


Junior Scholastic Current Events Magazine

Student code: juniorscholastic1920

I Just Want to Talk to You....

American Revolution "Faces"

Home from Afghanistan

Marriage: Or Else (Afghanistan)

Japan: After the Tsunami

Vietnam Revs Up

Vietnam: Why the War Still Matters

A Living Nightmare (Vietnam)

The Problem with Iran

What's the Deal with Iran?

The Iran Deal

5 Minute Guide to the Iran Deal

The New India

Untouchable No More

10 Cool Things About India

North Korea's Defiant Rocket

Like Father, Like Son? (North Korea)

Can North Korea Be Stopped?

North Korea vs. The World

Can North Korea Be Trusted?

5 Things to Know About China

Ancient Army (China)

China: A Village Fights Back

China's Test Factory

China's Top Princeling

China's Big Move

Beijing Standoff (China)

The Battle for Hong Kong

The China Challenge