Middle School Social Studies 

Week of October 11-15

Week of October 18-22


6th Grade 

Canada Map Unit: Political maps, physical maps, provinces/territories, major cities, major bodies of water

Canada Map Quiz

Junior Scholastic Magazine (Nov. 2021 issue)

Chapter 6: Canada

Lesson 1- Physical Geography/Regions of Canada



7th Grade 

World Geography Unit: AFRICA

Nations of Africa, landforms, major rivers, major bodies of water, cities

Physical and Human Geography of Africa class notes/content

Historical map of Africa (European colonization)

"Africa: Legacy of Colonialism" PowerPoint article, class notes/discussion

"After Mandela" article, with content work

"Faces of Africa" class poster (discussion)

The Ghost and the Darkness (selected clips)


8th Grade    

Module 3: The English Colonies

Module 3 Test

Module 4: The American Revolution

Lesson 1- Conflict in the Colonies

Lesson 2- The Revolution Begins

The History Channel Presents- AMERICA: The Story of Us (Rebels)



Junior Scholastic Current Events Magazine

Junior Scholastic Class Password: juniorscholastic2122

"Horror at Jamestown"

"The Salem Witch Trials"

The Zenger Trial

Africa Maps (blank)

Africa: Legacy of Colonialism

After Mandela

North America Political Map (blank)

North America Physical Map (blank)

Canada Maps (blank)