Middle School Social Studies 

Week of May 17-21

Week of May 24-28


6th Grade  

The Aztec Unit 

Aztec content/concepts: Aztec social classes, daily life, Tenochtitlan, calendars, agriculture, medicine, religion, sculpture, weaving, metalwork, writing system, Aztec warfare, Spanish conquest

Aztec Unit Study Guide

Aztec Unit Quiz

Junior Scholastic Magazine, May 10 issue


7th Grade

Renaissance mini-unit

"Renaissance Connections" and "Traders, Explorers, and Colonists" content links (see below)

"Age of Revolution" and "The Russian Empire" content links (see below)

Chapter 4: The Growth of New Ideas (old textbook) Quiz

Black Death mini-unit; class documentary/concept questions


8th Grade   

Module 18: The Civil War

Lesson 1- The War Begins

Lesson 2- The War in the East

Lesson 3-The War in the West

Lesson 4- Daily Life During the War

Lesson 5- The Tide of the War Turns

The History Channel Presents- AMERICA: The Story of Us (Civil War)

Civil War Kahoot

Civil War Unit Test



Junior Scholastic Current Events Magazine

Junior Scholastic Class Password: juniorscholastic2021 

The Aztecs (Part 1)

The Aztecs (Part 2)

The Aztecs (Scholastic article)

Aztec Warriors (article)

Invasion of Tenochtitlan!

A Time of Change: The Middle Ages (old textbook)

"Holy War" article and timeline sheet

Medieval Ages bonus notes

Renaissance Connections (old textbook)

Traders, Explorers, and Colonists (old textbook)

Age of Revolution (old textbook)

The Russian Empire (old textbook)

The Black Death

Faces of the Civil War

Faces 2

Faces 3