Middle School Social Studies 

Week of May 2-6

Week of May 9-13


6th Grade     

Junior Scholastic Magazine (May 2022 issue)

Political and Economic Ideologies 

Unit content includes class discussions and research into several contemporary and historical ideologies: Democracy, Republic, Constitutional Monarchy, Theocracy, Oligarchy, Dictatorship, Feudalism, Capitalism, Fascism, Socialism, and Communism

Political and Economic Ideologies Quiz; research work


7th Grade      

Renaissance, Traders/Explorers/Colonists, Age of Revolution, Russian Empires

Black Death/Bubonic Plague mini-unitThe Black Death History Channel documentary

* Renaissance in Western Europe, overseas exploration, settlement and colonization of the Americas by European nations, Scientific Revolution, Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, Russian czars, Russian Revolution, rise of the Communist regime in Russia during the early 20th century

Unit Study Guide; Unit Quiz (groups)


8th Grade         

CIVIL WAR UNIT; Module 18: The Civil War

Lesson 1- The War Begins

Lesson 2- The War in the East

Lesson 3- The War in the West

Lesson 4- Daily Life During the War

Lesson 5- The Tide of the War Turns

PBS Special Presentation: The Civil War; A Film by Ken Burns (Episode 2- A Very Bloody Affair) with question sheet and class discussions throughout

Civil War "Faces" (see links below); Civil War Battles Map (discussed in class)

The History Channel Presents- AMERICA: The Story of Us (Civil War)

Civil WarUnit Test Study Guide



Junior Scholastic Current Events Magazine

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10 Civil War Facts (article)

Civil War Sad Stats Sheet

Civil War Faces (1)

Civil War Faces (2)

Wanted! The President's Killer

Heritage or Hate?

Renaissance Connections (from old textbook)

The Renaissance (bonus notes)

Traders, Explorers, and Colonists (from old textbook)

The Age of Revolution (from old textbook)

Russian Empires