Middle School Social Studies 

Week of January 11-15


6th Grade 

United States Economy; Economic Concepts

U.S. economy; free-market system, capitalism, supply and demand, market competition, different types of global economies, goods and services, factors of production, economic vocabulary

U.S. Economy/Economics Concepts Quiz

$1 History Lesson

"How Plastic is Trashing the Planet" (link below)


7th Grade 

World Geography Unit: AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA

Australia, nations of Oceania, landforms, rivers, major bodies of water, major cities

Geography Now!  Australia

Australia Facts: Cool, Fun Facts About Down Under

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Visit Australia

Australia/Oceania map review activity (groups) 

Junior Scholastic Magazine, Dec. 7 issue


8th Grade  

Civics in Action: A Citizenship Handbook 

Citizenship Handbook, Section 1- The Constitution (link below)

Citizenship Handbook, Section 2- The Federal Government (link below)

Citizenship Handbook, Section 3- Citizens' Rights and Responsibilities (see link)

Government Checks and Balances

How a Bill Becomes a Law (Legislative process)

"The Great American Quiz" Citizenship Test 

U.S. Constitution Summary link

A More Perfect Union: George Washington and the Making of Constitution



Junior Scholastic Current Events Magazine

Junior Scholastic Class Password: juniorscholastic2021

The United States Economy

How Plastic is Trashing the Planet

Coming to America (U.S. Immigration trends) 

Australia/Oceania Maps (blank)

Antarctic First 

Module 5, Lesson 1 concept notes (Mr. Grimm)

Module 5, Lesson 2 concept notes (Mr. Grimm)

Module 5, Lesson 3 concept notes (Mr. Grimm)

Module 5, Lesson 4 concept notes (Mr. Grimm)

The Fight Over the Constitution

Citizenship Handbook- Section 1: The Constitution

Citizenship Handbook- Section 2: The Federal Government

Citizenship Handbook- Section 3: Citizens' Rights and Responsibilities

United States Citizenship/Naturalization Quiz

U.S. Constitution Summary