Middle School Social Studies 

Week of April 5-9


6th Grade 

Latin American Unit

Chapter 9: South America's Tropical North

Lesson 2- History of the Countries

Chapter 10: Andes and Midlatitude Countries

Lesson 1- Physical Geography of the Region

Lesson 2- History of the Region

Peru: From the Andes to the Amazon short documentary, with notes


7th Grade

Ancient Rome Unit 

Google Classroom video chat (Roman emperors)

Ancient Rome enrichment articles (link below)

Lesson 36: The Origins and Spread of Christianity

Gladiator (selected scenes); the Colosseum, aspects of Roman culture

Kids Discover Magazine: POMPEII (group work)

Ancient Rome Study Guide


8th Grade   

Module 12: Expansion and Conflict

Lesson 1- The Texas Revolution

Lesson 2- The Mexican-American War

Lesson 3- The California Gold Rush

Module 12 Quiz (groups)



Junior Scholastic Current Events Magazine

Junior Scholastic Class Password: juniorscholastic2021

The Maya (Part 1)

Jungle of Secrets

Rome's Expansion Periods (textbook)

Ancient Rome: Enrichment articles

Ancient Rome "bonus notes" 

Roman Emperor "Faces"