Welcome to the Sonrisas Program

Welcome to the Sonrisas Program page. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach the Sonrisas Program to the students at St. Augustin. My goal is to excite the students about learning a new language, build their confidence in communicating and reading in Spanish, build a solid foundation for their future foreign language endeavors, and show them how learning new languages can broaden their horizon.

Students will have the Sonrisas Program in class once a week. We will learn through a variety of mediums: songs, arts and crafts, props, stories, partner work, games, videos, and traditional instruction. I will also be hosting “Conversaciones” during lunch periods on Monday. In “Conversaciones,” when it is their turn, students will be able to eat lunch with me and practice their Spanish in an informal setting. “Conversaciones” will begin mid September.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Once a month I will update the “What We Are Learning” page and the “Vocabulary” list to help you engage with your student at home with what they are learning in class.