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Welcome to the St. Augustin Catholic School 1st-grade news page. Please check out the "About Mrs. Alessio" page to get to know me better. I am looking forward to a blessed year:)


The "Kindness Revolution" has started in 1st grade!  When I catch a student or teacher/staff member being kind, I give them a kindness bracelet.  That person is to catch someone else being kind and pass the bracelet on.  The goal is to share kindness and hopefully, the St. Augustin School Community will start brightening up someone's day by finding and showing kindness. Check your child's wrist and ask them if they got "caught!" #choosekind #beingkindischool


WEEK IN REVIEW: November 18-22

READING: Lesson 11- At Home in the Ocean-Informational text and Water-informational text

RED Words/High Frequency Words: blue, little, water, cold, live, where, far, their

Spelling: digraph th- that, then, this, them, with, bath

Phonics: digraph th, base words and -s, -es, -ed, -ing endings

Grammar: proper nouns

Being a Writer/Handwriting: Wrote thank you letters to Mr. Mike. Read, "Daddy Calls Me Man,' and wrote and illustrated stories about our family members.

Math: Chapter 6 *Ordinal Numbers and Position* Describing order and position using ordinal numbers and words is the main focus of this chapter. We will continue to practice math facts all year! 

Social Studies/Science: Thanksgiving and Turkeys

Religion: Chapter 6 God Speaks to Us.

ALL ABOUT ME: Lizzie's favorite sport is basketball and she wants to be a singer when she grows up! Thanks for sharing, Lizzie!

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