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Looking Ahead: March 12 - 19 Spring Break


February 23- 26

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 19 Tomas Rivera-biography

Red heart words: done, great, laugh, paper, soon, talk, were, work

Spelling: show, row, grow, low, blow, snow, boat, coat, road, toad, flown, toast

Phonics: vowel pairs oa and ow *contractions 've and 're

Math: Chapter 13 Addition and Subtraction to 40 *Addition and subtraction of whole numbers with or without regrouping is the focus of this chapter. 

Religion: 1st graders prayed The Stations of the Cross as a class in the chapel and Chapter 14 Jesus Shows God's Love

Writing: Students wrote about a fun time they have had and added detail to their writing. 


February 1-5

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 17 The Big Trip-fantasy and Lewis and Clark's Big Trip-Informational text

Red heart words: about, by, car, could, don't, maybe, sure, there

Spelling: me, be, read, feet, tree, please, keep, eat, mean, sea, these, street

Phonics: words with long e, Vowel pairs ee,ea

Grammar: compound sentences

Math: Chapter 12 Numbers to 40 

Writing: Letters for health care workers and first responders. 

Social Studies: Groundhog's Day, Black History Month

Religion: Catholic Schools Week, Living Rosary, visit from Fr. Pisut and a blessing of our throats, andChapter 13 Jesus Calls Apostles

All About Me: Kinsley wants to be an astronaut when she grows up and her favorite food is french toast sticks! Thanks for sharing, Kinsley!

January 25-29

Reading/ Language Arts: Lesson 16 Let's Go To the Moon and Mae Jemison-biography

Red Heart Words: around, bring, show, because, carry, think, before, light

Spelling Words: so, go, home, hole, no, rope, joke, bone, stove, poke, chose, wrote

Phonics: long o and long u

Grammar: questions 

Math: Chapter 11 Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs- took Chapter 11 test. Started Chapter 12 Numbers to 40 *Counting, comparing, and ordering numbers to 40 is the main focus of this chapter. 

Writing: Finished opinion pieces and completed a Catholic Schools Week writing assignment

Religion: Chapter 13 Jesus Calls Apostles 

All About Me: Sargis wants to be in the army when he grows up and his favorite book is "Nate the Great." Thanks for sharing, Sargis!

January 19-22

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 15 Animal Groups- informational text

Red Heart Words: bird, fly, those, both, long, walk, eyes, or

Spelling: time, like, kite, bike, white, drive, stripe, mice, trike, dice

Phonics: long i (CVCe)

Grammar: the Verb be

Math: Chapter 11 Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs *Displaying data using picture graphs, tally charts, and bar graphs is the main focus of this chapter.

Being A Writer: Read "Spoon," and completed an opinion writing graphic organizer.

Social Studies/Science: MLK Jr., Inauguration Day

Religion: Started Chapter 13 Jesus Calls His Apostles and participated in school mass

All About Me: Victor wants to be in the army when he grows up and his favorite color is red. Thanks for sharing, Victor!

Nora's favorite book is Anne of Green Gables and she wants to be a ballet teacher when she grows up. Thanks for sharing, Nora!

January 4-8

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 13 Seasons-Informational Text and Four Seasons For Animal-Informational Text

Red Heart Words: down, green, open, fall, grow, yellow, goes, new

Spelling: ship, shop, which, when, whip, fish, shell, graph

Phonics: digraphs sh, wh, ph and contractions 's, n't

Grammar: subjects and verbs

Writing: Read "Snowmen at Night" and wrote what they would do if they were a snowman at night. They also wrote another "How To" paper about how to make a snowman. 

Math: Took the Mid-Year Test and started Chapter 10 *Weight Comparing and measuring using non-standard units is the main focus of this chapter.

Religion: Epiphany, Chapter 8 Jesus Teaches Us To Pray The Our Father

Science/Social Studies: History of New Years Eve, Matter-solids, liquids, gases

November 30 - December 4th

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 11 At Home in the Ocean-Informational Text and Water-informational Text

Red Heart Words: blue, little, water, cold, live, where, far, their

Spelling: that, then, this, them, with, bath, thick, tenth

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Phonics: base words and -s, -es, -ed, -ing endings

Writing: Read "Knuffle Bunny and wrote and illustrated "Things that make us sad or mad" stories. They also wrote their letters to Santa. 

Math: Chapter 8 Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20. *Adding and subtracting within 20 using different strategies is the main focus of this chapter.

Religion: Advent, St. Nicholas, and A Christmas Journey

All About Me: Evelyn wants to be a hairstylist when she grows up! Thanks for sharing, Evelyn. 

November 17-20

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 10 A Cupcake Party- fantasy and Happy Times-Poetry

Red Heart Words: eat, give, put, small, one, take

Spelling and Phonics: us, sun, but, fun, bus, run, jump, must *final blends

OG: final blends

Grammar: Articles a, an, the

Math: Chapter 7 Numbers to 20 *Counting, comparing, and ordering numbers to 20 is the main focus of this chapter. 

Writing: Read, "Growing Vegetable Soup" and wrote and illustrated family activities stories. 

Social Studies/Science: Thanksgiving and Turkeys

Religion: Chapter 7 We Pray To God Our Father


November 9-13

NOVEMBER 13th is World Kindness Day! How did you show kindness? 

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 9 Dr. Seuss-biography and Two Poems From Dr. Seuss-poetry

RED Heart Words: after, read, draw, was, pictures, write

Spelling and Phonics: yes, let, red, ten, bed, get, sled, step *blends with s

Vocabulary Strategies: antonyms

Grammar: singular and plural nouns

Writing: "If I were president writing," and letters to Veterans. 

Social Studies: voting, elections, Veterans Day, and World Kindness Day:) 

Science: Leaves *Why do leaves change color in the fall? 

Religion: Chapter 6 God Speaks to Us and Chapter 7 We Pray To God Our Father

All About Me: Last week we learned that Drew's favorite food is a walking taco. This week we learned that Malaney's favorite animal is a panda. Thanks for sharing, Drew and Malaney:) 

October 26-30

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 7 "How Animals Communicate"- informational text

RED Heart Words: animal, of, how, some, make, why

Spelling and Phonics: short i *in, will, did, sit, six, big, trip, grin *blends with r

OG: r blends

Grammar: commas in a series

Math: Chapter 5 Shapes and Patterns

Writing: Learned about what a president's job involves and wrote, "If I were president.... " stories. 

Social Studies: elections and voting. What does a president do? 

Science: Skulls, Pumpkins and the lifecycle of a pumpkin

Religion: All school mass and finished chapter 5. 

All About Me: Henry wants to be a soldier when he grows up! Thanks for sharing, Henry!


Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 6 Jack and the Wolf-fable and The Three Little Pigs-Fairy Tale

RED Heart Words: away, every, call, hear, come, said

Spelling and Phonics: short a review*an, bad, can, had, cat, ran, pass, add ***Double final consonants and -ck

Grammar: Complete Sentences

OG: -ck and ff, ll, ss, zz "Sammy Loves Friendly Zebras

Being a Writer: Fall break writing and shared their writing

Math: Chapter 5 Shapes and Patterns *plane and solid shapes in patterns and the real world are the focus of this chapter. 

Science: Living and Non-Living Things and watched a Mystery Science about pumpkins!

Religion: Chapter 5  *God Shares His Life With Us

All About Me: Mattson's favorite thing to do at school is reading! Thanks for sharing, Mattson! 



October 6-9

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 5 Gus Takes the Train- Fantasy and City Zoo-Informational Text

Red Heart Words: friend, hold, full, many, good, pull

Spelling and Phonics: short u words *up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub

Grammar: Adjectives continued

Vocabulary Strategies: synonyms

OG: wh digraph

Being a Writer: prepare for conferences and I read, "I love Animals." Students will do a story about animals they love next week. 

Math: Chapter 4 Subtraction Facts to 10 *We will take the chapter test next week. 

Science: Living and Non-Living Things

Religion: practiced mass songs, started Chapter 4 "God Our Father Is Holy." Faith focus- we worship God in church by words and actions. 

All About Me: Harrison's favorite book is Scooby Doo. Thanks for sharing, Harrison!

September 28- October 2

We raised $223 for our 1st grade service project! Thank you to the entire student body and staff for your generous donations for our wonderful nurses:) 

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 4 Lucia's Neighborhood- informational text and City Mouse and Country Mouse-Fable

RED Heart Words: all, me, does, my, here, who

Spelling and phonics: short e words *yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen

Grammar: adjectives

OG: digraph "th" hard and soft

Really Great Reading: vowel phonemes can be long or short. We reviewed phonemes and motions.

Being a Writer: Read, "When I Was Five." Wrote and illustrated "My friend and I"... stories.

Math: Took Chapter 3 test and started Chapter 4: Subtraction Facts to 10 *Basic subtraction facts are the main focus of this chapter. 

Social Studies: Maps

Religion: We had a wonderful visit with Fr. Pisut, celebrated school mass at the church, and finished Chapter 3.

ALL ABOUT ME: We have had great success with our virtual All About Me times! Madeline, Natalie, and James all had special guests join them live via Google Meet over the last 3 weeks. I have loved getting to know the first graders during their special week:) Great job Madeline, Natalie, and James! 

September 21-25

A BIG thank you for your support of the 1st grade service project! I can't wait to share some photos with you. 

Reading/Language Arts/ OG: Lesson 3 Curious George At School- fantasy and School Long Ago- informational text

RED Heart Words: do, sing, find, no, funny, they

Spelling and phonics:  short o*log, dot, top, hot, ox, lot   Inflection -s

Grammar: action verbs

OG: digraph "sh"

Really Great Reading: short vowel phonemes and motions

Being a Writer: Read, "When I Grow Up," and wrote "I want to be....." stories. 

Math: Chapter 3 Addition Facts to 10 *Basic addition facts and strategies are introduced in this chapter. 

Social Studies: Maps *Identify and locate city, state, and country on a map.

Religion: Chapter 3 God Is Our Father and school mass



September 14 -18

Reading/Language Arts/OG: Lesson 2 The Storm-Realistic Fiction and Storms!-Informational text

RED Heart words: for, he, what, look, have, too

Spelling and Phonics: Short i words- if, is, him, rip, fit, pin

Grammar: possessive nouns

OG: digraphs- "ch"

REALLY GREAT READING: consonants and vowels 

Being A Writer: Finished our "I can....." stories.

Math: **Chapter 2 Number Bonds** Took Chapter 2 Test and started Chapter 3 **Addition Facts to 10. Basic addition facts and strategies are introduced int his chapter.

Science: The Five Senses

Religion: Finished learning about God's creation. Celebrated all school mass from our classroom. 





September 9-11

Reading/Language Arts: Read " If You Take a Mouse to School," "The Invisible Boy," and " You're Finally Here." Students had follow up activities to go along with each story. We discussed how we are feeling about first grade so far. We also talked about how to be a good friend after hearing about a character who felt invisible in his class. 

I introduced our new program called Really Great Reading. We also worked on learning how to navigate through Seesaw. More to come on this! 

Math: Chapter 2 Number Bonds *Children use number bonds to show the parts and whole for a given number. Students used connecting cubes to find number bonds. We learned different number bonds for numbers to 10. 

Writing: Read, "All By Myself," and practiced writing, "I can...." sentences. 

Social Studies/Science: September 11th and we did a Mystery Science exploration about how scientists know so much. Students had to draw their hand and really observe it and then come up with "I wonder" questions. They loved this! 

Religion: Chapter 2 *God is Good* We are starting to discuss God's creation. 


August 31- September 4th

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 1 What Is A Pal?- Informational Text, Friends Forever-Poetry

RED WORDS: and, you, be, play, help, with

SPELLING: short a words: am, at, sat, man, dad, mat

Grammar: nouns

Phonics: Words with short a

MATH: Chapter 1: Counting and comparing numbers to 10 are the main focus of this chapter. Took the chapter test (Test Prep) on Friday, Sept. 4th. 

Writing: Read, "Farmer Duck" and wrote, "I help when I...." stories.

Social Studies: Rules and Laws ***ask them about the minions rules:)

Religion: Chapter 1: Jesus Is Our Friend. We also celebrated mass as a school. First graders celebrated in the classroom and did a wonderful job participating and being reverent. 



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