Welcome to 1st Grade

Please strive to read nightly with your child for at least 10 minutes.  This can be your child reading individually, a parent or guardian reading to your child, or an older sibling!

Week of September 13th

Reading: We will be reading the story "Curious George at school"

Words to know: do, find, funny, no, sing, they

We will be covering verbs this week as well


We will be taking a look and discussing what makes a good writing. We will be writing short stories about what we want to be when we grow up

Math: We will be working through a new math program that I am especially excited for. We will be starting out with addition and discussing math stories and projects.


Social Studies/ Science:

We will be working through maps more this week as well as checking our hand washing skills. We will be taking part in a germ experiment and observing changes throughout the next couple of weeks


Religion: God is good, God made the world good


Please look for classroom plans to be updated to this page by Sundays at 5pm.

My goal is to use this platform as a place for parents to get updates on classroom activities and information about what is going on in the First grade room.