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September 14 -18

Reading/Language Arts/OG: Lesson 3 The Storm-Realistic Fiction and Storms!-Informational text

RED Heart words: for, he, what, look, have, too

Spelling and Phonics: Short i words- if, is, him, rip, fit, pin

Grammar: possessive nouns

OG: digraphs- "ch"

REALLY GREAT READING: consonants and vowels 

Being A Writer: Finished our "I can....." stories.

Math: **Chapter 2 Number Bonds** Took Chapter 2 Test and started Chapter 3 **Addition Facts to 10. Basic addition facts and strategies are introduced int his chapter.

Science: The Five Senses

Religion: Finished learning about God's creation. Celebrated all school mass from our classroom. 





September 9-11

Reading/Language Arts: Read " If You Take a Mouse to School," "The Invisible Boy," and " You're Finally Here." Students had follow up activities to go along with each story. We discussed how we are feeling about first grade so far. We also talked about how to be a good friend after hearing about a character who felt invisible in his class. 

I introduced our new program called Really Great Reading. We also worked on learning how to navigate through Seesaw. More to come on this! 

Math: Chapter 2 Number Bonds *Children use number bonds to show the parts and whole for a given number. Students used connecting cubes to find number bonds. We learned different number bonds for numbers to 10. 

Writing: Read, "All By Myself," and practiced writing, "I can...." sentences. 

Social Studies/Science: September 11th and we did a Mystery Science exploration about how scientists know so much. Students had to draw their hand and really observe it and then come up with "I wonder" questions. They loved this! 

Religion: Chapter 2 *God is Good* We are starting to discuss God's creation. 


August 31- September 4th

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 1 What Is A Pal?- Informational Text, Friends Forever-Poetry

RED WORDS: and, you, be, play, help, with

SPELLING: short a words: am, at, sat, man, dad, mat

Grammar: nouns

Phonics: Words with short a

MATH: Chapter 1: Counting and comparing numbers to 10 are the main focus of this chapter. Took the chapter test (Test Prep) on Friday, Sept. 4th. 

Writing: Read, "Farmer Duck" and wrote, "I help when I...." stories.

Social Studies: Rules and Laws ***ask them about the minions rules:)

Religion: Chapter 1: Jesus Is Our Friend. We also celebrated mass as a school. First graders celebrated in the classroom and did a wonderful job participating and being reverent. 




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