3rd Grade Happenings: 

Week of January 14th


recall the First Christmas; identify Mary's role in the Incarnation; identify ways to be a light to others; identify, understand, and list ways to live the Fourth Commandment; practiced mass parts throughout the week for our upcoming mass;

Lesson 14 - story - "The Extra-good Sunday" (humorous fiction);

Comprehension skills and strategies:  understanding characters; infer/predict
Phonics:   er, ir, ur, or
Fluency:  expression
Vocabulary Strategies: using a thesaurus
Grammar:  verb tenses
Writing:  Being a writer - opinion - begin listing writing ideas; used the strategy think, pair, share to discuss writing ideas with our writing partner; continue to build writing stamina by writing about something from our writing ideas list; continued previous writings; write opinion ideas; 


Typed recipes to go along with our reading story;

Focus Traits: ideas

vowel + "r" sound in nurse


took timed tests; practiced math facts online; used related multiplication facts to divide; divided a 1-digit or 2-digit number by a 1-digit number with and without regrouping; divided numbers with remainders;

Social Studies

identified how people changed their communities throughout history by inventing new things or having new ideas;


identified how living things get energy; identified how energy moves through an ecosystem; made a model food chain; identified how living things interact in food webs; made a food web diagram; used concepts learned from the chapter to complete science review; TEST:  Tuesday, January 22nd


Cursive letters:  practiced all the lower case cursive letters by writing words; practiced all the upper case cursive letters by writing words that begin with capital letters;