3rd Grade Happenings

For the week of January 11th



God's power; unit test; attend all-school mass; wrote letters to our parish priest;

Language Arts - "Yonder Mountain" (legend)

Comprehension skills and strategies: compare & contrast; story message; analyze/evaluate

Phonics:  contractions
Fluency:  reading rate
Vocabulary Strategies: homonyms
Grammar:   subject - verb agreement
Writing:  narrative

Focus Traits: ideas



words with contractions



timed tests for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; multiplying two and three digit numbers by one digit; problem solving; took test;

Social Studies

 identify how people changed communities:  George Stephenson, William Jenney, Elisha Otis, Susan B. Anthony, Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; timelines;


 identified phases of the moon; understand lunar and solar eclipses; reviewed for test; took test;


continue to practice cursive letters in our daily work


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