3rd Grade Happenings

Week of October 14th


worked on Unit 1 Review

Language Arts - story "Bat Loves the Night" (narrative nonfiction)

Comprehension skills and strategies:  sequence of events; domain-specific vocabulary; questioning; 

Phonics:   VCV pattern
Fluency:  reading rate
Vocabulary Strategies: suffixes:  -able, -ible
Grammar:  identifying verbs
Writing:  respond to literature by writing about story

Focus Traits: ideas


words that have short and long vowels



took timed tests for addition and subtraction; solving word problems using addition and subtraction

Social Studies

 reviewed for test; took chapter test


 researched and took notes for animal reports; began building animal habitats;


practiced print letters in spelling and writing; wrote cursive letters: a, d, o, c, m, n, v, x

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