3rd Grade Happenings

For the week of October 5th:



God calls us to holiness; identified ways we can be holy and love, honor, and serve God; learned about St. Francis and St. Clare and how they showed holiness; watched a video about St. Francis;

Language Arts - "Roberto Clemente" (biography)

Comprehension skills and strategies: cause & effect; literal & nonliteral meanings; visualize;

Phonics:  long i spelled i, ie, igh
Fluency:  intonation
Vocabulary Strategies: prefix mis-
Grammar:   plural nouns with -s and -es
Writing:  narrative

Focus Traits: ideas



words with long i vowel sounds



timed tests for addition and subtraction; took FAST math tests; problem solving pre-assessment; worked on solving problems using 2 steps;

Social Studies

 took test over communities


 took test over mammals


began learning cursive letters:  i, e


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