3rd Grade Happenings

Week of March 9th


attended the all-school prayer service; identified Jesus' Baptism as a sign he was ready to do his Father's work; tell the story of how Jesus overcame temptation; discussed the Sacrament of Reconciliation; describe miracles that Jesus performed; identified what parables are; retold some of Jesus' parables; took quiz; retell the story of Jesus bringing the widow's son back to life; describe Jesus' power over life and death; described the gift of faith and how to strengthen it; retell the stories of Jesus' cure of the blind man and raising the girl from the dead; took quiz; 

Language Arts - story "Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs" (informational text)

Comprehension skills and strategies: main idea and details; cause and effect;

Fluency:  accuracy
Vocabulary Strategies: antonyms
Writing:  writing answers to questions with text evidence

Focus Traits: organization






took timed tests for addition and subtraction; took timed tests for multiplication and division; measurement test over centimeters, meters, kilometers, milliliters, liters, grams, kilograms; solved story problems using measurement with one step; solved story problems with measurement using two steps; took problem solving test;

Social Studies

 reviewed for test; took test;


 watched video about germs - where they come from and how they spread; learned proper hand washing techniques; 


practice all cursive letters by writing tongue twister sentences focusing on a particular letter;


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