3rd Grade Happenings

Week of February 17th


attended the all-school mass; defined grace; discussed natural and supernatural powers God gifted us; took quiz;

Language Arts - story "A Tree is Growing" (informational text)

Comprehension skills and strategies: text and graphic features; domain-specific vocabulary; question;

Phonics:   words with k and kw
Fluency:  expression
Vocabulary Strategies: word roots
Grammar:   using the verb "be" and helping verbs
Writing:  writing about a person

Focus Traits: word choice



words with k and kw sounds



took timed tests for addition and subtraction; took timed tests for multiplication and division; took pretest for using the metric system; flashcards in groups; math games;

Social Studies

 went over chapter test from last week;


 went over chapter test from last Friday


practice all cursive letters by writing tongue twister sentences focusing on a particular letter;


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