3rd Grade Happenings

Have a great summer!


Read the Bible. Pray the Rosary. Pray every day.  Attend mass (virtually until it is safe to do so in person).

Language Arts - Read, read, read, and then read some more!

Comprehension skills and strategies: 

Fluency:  Read to someone or record yourself reading, and then listen to your recording. 
Vocabulary Strategies: In a notebook write down any new words you come across.
Grammar:   Practice writing sentences by writing letters or write in a journal.
Writing:  Write in a journal or diary every day.

Focus Traits: 



Play games in Spelling City while reviewing all third grade spelling lists.



Practice your math facts.  Work in Freckle or Prodigy.

Social Studies

 Read maps. Read books about places or people in history.


 Read books about science topics or people in science. Research topics that you are interested in. Research and find experiments or STEM projects online, and then do them at home.


Practice all your cursive letters individually and in words. Write letters to friends and family in cursive.


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