3rd Grade Happenings: 

Week of February 25th


read and discussed "Sermon on the Mount"; completed unit 3 review using chapters 10-14; took unit 3 test;

Language Arts

Story - "A Tree is Growing" (informational text)

Comprehension skills and strategies:  text & graphic features; domain specific vocabulary;
Phonics:   words with k and kw sounds
Fluency:  expression
Vocabulary Strategies: word roots - tele and auto
Grammar:  using the "be" verbs and helping verbs
Writing:  Listened to the book called "Scranimals"; started brainstorming ideas for our own scranimals; writing our scranimal rough draft;

 Focus Traits: word choice


Spelling  -  spelling the k and kw sounds


took timed tests; practiced math facts online; took chapter 10 pretest; added money in different ways with/without regrouping; subtracted money in different ways with/without regrouping; solved real life word problems using money;

Social Studies

identified the first people of North America and discussed oral history; compared and contrasted a variety of Native American tribes' culture, housing, economy, and way of life; identified reasons different countries came to North America; identified and discussed early European settlements in North America; discussed the relationship between Native Americans and early settlers;


identified various ways to group planets; role played being the sun, planets, asteroids, and comets - moved around the room in our orbit; compared & contrasted inner and outer planets; identified why there are seasons; identified what causes day and night; identified the phases of the moon; differentiated between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse; watched several video clips; 


Cursive letters:  practiced all the lower case cursive letters by writing words; practiced all the upper case cursive letters by writing words that begin with capital letters;