8th Grade Literature

The eighth-grade course of study is the Pearson Common Core Literature curriculum. The text contains a variety of short stories, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, poetry, drama, and other nonfiction readings. The eighth grade will also study the Holocaust. 

What we're studying:



Word Study


Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes List - A PDF list for the weekly roots, prefixes, and suffixes tests.

Daily Grammar Practice

Daily Grammar Practice is a unique approach to grammar instruction that helps students lock grammar concepts into their long-term memory.  This style of grammar instruction is comprehensive.  Rather than specific units on individual concepts, students will use many grammar concepts daily.  Students work on the same sentence all week long, and focus on a different part of grammar instruction each day.  On Mondays, students identify parts of speech.  Tuesdays they work with the key parts of the sentence, and on Wednesdays they identify the structure and purpose of the sentence.  The focus of Thursday is on correct punctuation and capitalization, and on Fridays, students will diagram the sentence.  The repetition of this process week after week helps students develop a more complete understanding of grammar and mechanics.  We complete and correct the workbook in class each day as part of the Language Arts class.