House of Marcellus

 House Teachers: Mrs. Lone & Miss Caligiuri

The House of Marcellus's name was inspired by former St. Augustin teacher Mrs. Hogan's father!  He passed away in 1987, and he loved his name because his mother named her children after the saint of the day on which they were born.  January 16th was a great day for him.  (A day later Mrs. Hogan's grandmother would have named him Ignatius.)

St. Marcellus was a Roman gladiator who became a Christian martyr.  Our House is proud to be Marcellus followers, in more ways than one!

House of Marcellus Song

(sung to the tune of "God Bless America")  

House of Marcellus, 

Soldier from Rome

He put down his sword

(said) “All is lost by war”

Stood for peace, his fighting ceased, was no more. 


Was a soldier

Then turned Christian

Then he laid down his life 


House of Marcellus, faithful to Christ

House of Marcellus, faithful to Christ