Optional Kindergarten News

The Optional Kindergartners continue to work hard on identifying and naming the sound of the letters.  We are currently focusing on writing and identifying the upper case letters before we begin the lower case letters.  So far we have worked on the c, o, a, d, g, m, l, h, t, and i.  Please continue to reinforce identifying and sound recognition of these letters.  We continue to stress starting at the top when writing them.  The Optional Kindergartners are enjoying doing a craft that ties into the letter that we are focusing on.  Last week they made some beautiful haunted houses as we talked about the letter h.

 We continue to work on number recognition as well as writing our numbers.  We made number books last week.  This week we willbe playing number BINGO.  We are also working on 2D shapes.  We will discuss their special features and how many sides and angles each shape has.

Here are some ways you can reinforce the skills that will be working on:

  • after reading have your child tell what happened at the beginning, middle, and end
  • play I Spy with letters as you are driving
  • have you child practice writing their name


Tuesday: 15 minute Technology

Wednesday: 30 minute PE

Thursday: 15 minute Music or 30 minute Guidance alternating weeks

Friday: 30 minute PE