Transitional Kindergarten News

Here is what is happening in our TK classroom…   

Theme (All TK) - We finished our fairy tale unit and will begin a weather unit this week.


Handwriting (Morning TK) - We practiced lowercase letters c and o in our handwriting books. We discovered all the letters “magic c” can turn into.

Language Arts (Morning TK) - Students have been introduced to all the letters in the alphabet. We will continue to practice blending, and hearing sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words. Vowel sounds will be emphasized. We finished our fairy tale unit and the castle and class dragon have come down! 

Math (AM and PM TK) - We graphed magic beans in our afternoon TK class (jelly beans) and both classes made a group graph (would you kiss a frog). Not many TK kids would dare to kiss a frog! We practiced counting by 5s this week. Students also played the game Sequence For Kids.

Social Studies/Science - We will begin a unit on weather.

Art (All TK) - Our morning class drew frogs and they were adorable!  We mixed blue and white paints to create various shades of blue and used these to paint a picture. Students were busy creating their own art in our art center. We are getting low on egg cartons and tubes. If you have any to send in, the kids would love it.

Thank You - Thank you to Mary Elliot and Annie Kuhle for being our mystery readers this week.

End of Fairy Tale Unit Celebration - To celebrate the end of our Fairy Tale unit, students are invited to dress up as a fairy tale character on FRIDAY, March 1. Princesses, Princes, trolls, little pigs, wolves… all are welcome! Please do not feel the need to purchase a costume. Simple DIY costumes would be perfect (homemade crowns, capes, pig noses, wolf ears.) Your kids are very creative at school and I know they could come up with some great ideas. We will celebrate in the AFTERNOON - so please send dress up items in their backpacks. We are hoping to show TANGLED in our afternoon classes (both classes together).

Hope you are enjoying the WARM WEATHER!

Amy Simmons



 Things We Collect

Old magazines

Old non-fiction picture books




Paper lunch sacks

Water bottle caps/milk jug caps/lids to containers

Cardboard tubes

Bubble wrap

Smooth rocks




Craft/painting paper



Craft items

Cardboard egg cartons

Baby food jars

Cardboard inserts from electronic/Amazon packaging 

Sewing items


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