Transitional Kindergarten News

Here is what is happening in our TK classroom…   

Theme (All TK) - The Amazon Rainforest

Language Arts (AM TK) - Students have been introduced to all the letters in the alphabet. We will continue to practice blending, and hearing sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words. Vowel sounds will be emphasized. Students met with their 7th grade buddies last Tuesday to research an Amazon Rainforest animal of their choice (one we did not learn about together as a class). Students gathered information about their animal’s predators, prey, animal classification, and learned some fun facts. Students also wrote facts about some of the animals we have been studying as a group.

Social Studies/Science - The Amazon Rainforest

We are learning the poem Boa Constrictor by Shel Silverstein and we are having fun singing 5 Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree.

We learned about sloths and made a giant sloth as a group.

33 egg carton caiman are residing under our classroom couch, ready to be displayed for our open house next week! We learned all about this fascinating creature last week.

We will be learning about our last rainforest animal this week - piranha.

We made pattern snakes, and then extended and named the pattern on our snakes.

Students painted pictures of the animals they researched with their 7th grade buddies.

Math - Subtraction and estimation

Brown Paper Bags - last call for paper bags. I think we are really close to 33.  If you have any at home we would love them. We will be making vests out of them this week to wear during your rainforest tour!

Don’t Forget - a jacket for morning recess, your child’s gray TK folder, good shoes for running on the playground/blacktop

Thank you - to Brooklyn Smith and the Teelings for being our Mystery Readers last week.

Upcoming Events - 

May 6 - Grandparents Day - Please let me know if your child is going to go home with their grandparents after their session.

May 7 - TK Rainforest Open House (4:30-6:30) - The kids are getting excited about giving you a tour of our classroom rainforest! Be ready to see monkeys, caiman, red-eyed tree frogs, piranha, butterflies, toucans and so much more. Your child will be giving you a tour and telling you facts about all these animals.

ABC Send Off - We will end our year with an alphabet countdown please see the attached calendar for fun events as we close out our school year… 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy Simmons



 Things We Collect

Old magazines

Old non-fiction picture books




Paper lunch sacks

Water bottle caps/milk jug caps/lids to containers

Cardboard tubes

Bubble wrap

Smooth rocks




Craft/painting paper



Craft items

Cardboard egg cartons

Baby food jars

Cardboard inserts from electronic/Amazon packaging 

Sewing items


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