A.M. Transitional Kindergarten News

What are we learning about this week?

Language Arts:

  • This week, we will be reading stories related to our Letter of the Week.
  • We will continue learning how to use question words to ask questions about the text we are reading.

Letter Sounds: 

  • Each week, we will have a "Letter of the Week." This week's "Letter of the Week" is Jj.

Red Words:

  • This week, students will be introduced to two new sight words. Please review these red words at home with your child as more and more are added. These sight words will frequently appear throughout the week. Students will learn to read and write these sight words.
  • This week's red words: is, for
  • Red words to review this week at home: I, am, a, on, go, to, can, had, see, the, in, is, for


  • During our handwriting time, we will practice our new red words. We will also practice writing "Jj" using proper letter formation. My goal is to help strengthen the students' fine motor skills with daily handwriting practice.


  • This week, we will focus on counting objects, one-to-one correspondence, and recognizing and writing number words 1-10.
  • Number of the Week: 14
  • Color of the Week: Gray
  • Shape of the Week: Pentagon

Important Dates to Note:     

Friday, December 18th: Blue and Gold Day