A.M. Transitional Kindergarten News

What are we learning about this week?

Language Arts:

  • This week, we will finish our non-fiction unit.
  • Our main focus this week will be on sounding out CVC words, sounding out nonsense words, and practicing red words.

Letter Sounds: 

  • We no longer have a "Letter of the Week." We have completed all of the letter sounds.

Red Words:

  • This week, and for the rest of the school year, students will review the red words we have covered so far this school year. Please review the red words listed below at home with your child. These red words will frequently appear throughout the week. Students will learn to read and write these red words.
  • This week's red word: Review Week
  • Red words to review this week at home: I, am, a, on, go, to, can, had, see, the, in, is, for, it, of, at, from, no, he, she, said, so, who, we, you


  • During our handwriting time, we will practice writing the red words we have covered so far this school year. We will also practice writing "Aa-Zz" using proper letter formation. My goal is to help strengthen the students' fine motor skills with daily handwriting practice.


  • This week, we will finish practicing simple subtraction and addition.  
  • We will also practice drawing shapes on paper and using them to construct larger images.

Important Dates to Note:    

Monday, May 24th: Field Day

Friday, May 28th: Last Day of School and Noon Dismissal