K-5 Weekly Religion Activities


Once a week, I will be entering each elementary school classroom in order to provide supplemental religious activities for students. Here is what we will be learning in each class this year!


Each week, students and I will read a book that focuses on a specific virtue or way that we can love one another as God loves us. Each story will be followed by an activity to support what we have learned from the story. 

1st Grade

Each week, students learn about a famous Bible story using their booklets "Bible Stories for Children." We read one story from the booklet and then complete an activity based upon the story.

2nd Grade

Students are creating their own Old Testament folder. Each week, we discuss as a class a story from the Old Testament and then add a page in their folder to keep track of what has been learned. We start in Genesis and will keep working until the Prophets. 

3rd Grade

Students will be going through the parts of the Mass (Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist) in order to gather a better understanding of what happens at Mass each Sunday. 

4th Grade

Students have been learning about the lives of the saints. Each week, we talk about a different saint canonized by the Catholic Church and then complete an activity based upon the information we have learned. 

5th Grade

Students will participate in hands-on activities that help them to expand their knowledge on the 7 Sacraments within the Catholic Faith.